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Pucker Up To 16 Hours Of Maybelline’s Latest Superstay Un-Nude Liquid Lipsticks In SG Stores This 1 July

Amidst the recent flood of nude lip products, Maybelline has found a way to bring us their take on nudes. Apart from challenging the norm with unique shades from their latest collection, the new Superstay Un-Nude Liquid Lipsticks can also last up to 16 hours.

These babies are supposedly waterproof, kiss-proof and transfer-proof too. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a pretty big promise to deliver. We took a closer look at their products for ourselves, and we’re about to kiss and tell!

The Un-Nudes, meaning unconventional nudes, come in 10 gorgeous shades ranging from a quirky greyish lilac to your classic peaches. To apply, simply gloss a thin layer over your lips and let it set for 20 seconds.

So we found out that one of the most popular shades was Ruler (S$17.90), as in the governing, sovereign kind, not the scale for measurement — in case that wasn’t clear.

Boasting a deep cherry pink, it’s not hard to see why. We predict that this one’s gonna fly off the shelves fast, so on your marks, get set, go ladies!

For the trend-seeker, for the one who dreads routine, and finally for the one who’s looking to rock a unique shade of purple — here’s the Philosopher (S$17.90) that quite frankly poses more questions than it answers.

“How the hell am I going to begin styling this?” is just one amongst the many things to ponder over with Philosopher. The best part? There are no right answers, go get creative.

And at the end of the day, if you find that you’re still that girl who likes to play things safe, the Seductress (S$17.90) is a pretty versatile shade that does well on most skin tones with its peachy undertones and a slight tinge of orange.

But if you’d like to know how they fare on your lips, here’s a visual aid for a better gauge.

As for the lasting properties, Maybelline really wasn’t kidding when they meant ‘Superstay’. Three scrubs later, we still couldn’t remove the swatches on our hands with the help of only makeup remover.

I guess that’s why the series comes with the Superstay Eraser (S$14.90), a gentle lip remover that supposedly does the trick in a couple of swipes.

Treat yourself to a new lip colour when the Superstay Matte Ink Un-Nudes Liquid Lipsticks arrive at all Maybelline counters this 1 July 2018!

Date: Out in stores this 1 July 2018

Price: S$17.90 per lipstick, S$14.90 per Superstay Eraser

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