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Mass Rapid Titling: Have Your Say In Naming The Final Circle Line Stations By 18 June ’17

The Circle Line will go full circle in 2025 with the opening of its final three stations.

These three stations are part of the Circle Line 6 (CCL6) segment. The closing segment of the orange line connecting HarbourFront to Marina Bay are all up for christening.

Based on LTA’s criteria of being historically relevant, easily identified and reflective of our nation’s multi-cultural harmony, here are my two cents worth.

1) Keppel – Farquhar MRT Station, because it’s good for international relations with Canada since Justin Trudeau is a descendant of William Farquhar who “discovered” Keppel Bay.

2) Cantonment – New Jurong MRT Station, because a failed scammer once told a quick-witted lady that Cantonment is in Jurong East.

3) Prince Edward – Shenton MRT Station, because Sir Thomas Shenton deserves an MRT station since he didn’t pang seh us during the Japanese Occupation, plus it is technically in Shenton Way.

Bear in mind that competitions to name things in Singapore aren’t new. Remember when a paid contest was held to name our now defunct budget terminal the “Budget Terminal”? Sheer and utter genius. Don’t overcomplicate things, go straight for the jugular.

If you feel like getting in on the action, you can submit your suggestions here.

Date: Submissions close on 18 June 2017

Naming The Final Circle Line Stations: Submissions | Website

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