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Lovemarque By Love & Co.: Here’s What An Astounding S$2.7 Million Necklace With 459 Diamonds Looks Like

It’s said that a girl’s best friend is diamond, and when it comes to elaborate designs, Love & Co. exceed expectations with their newest star: a 10-carat Lovemarque Diamond, set in a The Eternal Voyage necklace.

This beauty is made up of 459 diamonds, which add up to around 25 carats – that’s insanely amazing, imagine having that around your neck!

It carries a price tag of S$2.7 million, curious to know why?

1. It’s Tested By A Premium Grading Institute

Material cost and workmanship are just part of its cost, but on top of those, Love & Co. is extremely stringent about the diamonds they use: each of them is graded and certified by the International Institute of Diamond Grading and Research (IIDGR).

It is the first in Singapore to use the services IIDGR provides, essentially through a machine that distinguishes natural and synthetic diamonds.

Special machines like this one are used to accurately suss out man-made diamonds within seconds.

The process starts when the diamond is inserted into a slot, followed by a simple tap.

Moments later, the screen will indicate if the diamond is natural, or if it needs to be sent to a lab for “further testing” and synthetic diamonds can be easily weeded out from the rest.

2. Every Diamond Has A “Birth Certificate” & “IC Number”

Another piece of equipment used by IIDGR can quickly, and precisely, evaluate the many features of a Lovemarque Diamond, including the cut, carat, and so on. Thereafter, it sends a comprehensive report to customers that can be conveniently accessed on their computers and mobile devices.

The entire evaluation takes less than a minute, and all anyone needs to do is place the diamond into the slot at the top and close the lid. Within moments, all the information an owner of bespoke jewellery would appear on the screen, ready to be sent to customers.

The Diamond’s ID will be stated on the digital certificate. Each Lovemarque diamond, including the 10-carat on on The Eternal Voyage, has an ID number, along with a rose hallmark inscribed within the gem, without scratching its surface or affecting its clarity.

3. It Offers The “Fifth C” In Diamonds

IIDGR will only certify natural diamonds and not synthetic ones, which means that Love & Co. customers can be assured that the jewellery they’ve chosen to represent their love has indeed withstood the test of time.

Offering beyond just the four Cs (Clarity, Cut, Carat, Colour) when purchasing a diamond, it gives customers the fifth C, Confidence.

Other pieces present at the launch also did not disappoint, when Love & Co. displays each of their beautiful works on the catwalk in a stylish fashion show.

Their jewellery pieces are crafted and symbolise the of feelings between two people who are deeply in love.

4. It Can Be Paired With Modifiable Jewellery

Because every diamonds from Love & Co. are also IIDGR-certified, you can be sure they’re genuinely suited to wear alongside The Eternal Voyage.

That’s not the only highlight: what’s more attention-catching is how some pieces can be modified by the wearer to produce different styles. This means that when you invest in adornments from Love & Co., you won’t have to be stuck with one design – you’ll get a few in one!

This ring is actually made of four separable layers, each of which can be adorned individually or together, making it adaptable for different types of outfits. It’s part of their LVC Aqueen collection and comes with matching necklaces and bracelets too.

As you can see, the innermost layer is actually patterned with monarch butterflies, which are said to symbolise new beginnings, a very apt meaning for a newly-wed couple.

Another fun fact about monarch butterflies: those from North America actually migrate more than 4000 kilometres to avoid cold environments.

Anyone who’s the type to go for significant hidden meanings would love this; or, at least, it will give you something awe-inspiring to say when the wedding guests admire it.

The pendant’s outer ring can be removed if you’d like to wear just the simple, elegant solitaire for that minimalist look. Add the halo back on and it’ll grab attention with its glamorous touch.

And, yes, it matches temptingly with a pair of ear studs and a ring.

5. Every Diamond Is Of A High-Quality

Desiring to maintain high standards, Love & Co. claims that only rough diamonds of the finest quality are used to make their Lovemarque Diamonds and to demonstrate what they mean by that, they brought in this 28-carat uncut diamond as a model of good raw material.

Getting to see what a diamond looks like before it’s cut into its distinct shape was pretty cool, it makes me envy the lucky person who’ll eventually get this rare gem.

With all the efforts that Love & Co. puts into making their line of jewellery the best, you can rest assure that you’re giving the best to your loved one. If you’re eager to view more, you can check out the Lovemarque Diamonds, browse their signature designs and even book a consultation with a specialist all through its website.

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