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Learn How To Longboard Dance & More With DockSession Singapore Every Sunday

If you’ve watched the viral video of Hyojoo Ko twirling gracefully on a longboard, you’ll know that longboard dancing was the popular sport to pick up in 2017 and will continue to rise in 2018.

Not A Skateboard

While longboarding is essentially skateboarding, the build of the deck is different – longboards are typically longer (duh) and wider, with larger wheels for speed and acceleration.

There are also different types of longboards for different purposes, like downhill, cruising, and freestyle. The penny board that every cool hipster owns is a type of cruiser board built for skating from one place to another in city areas.

A longer and wider deck means better stability, which is why you’re able to ‘dance’ on it. However, the board is also heavier, which means you can’t perform skateboard tricks on a longboard.

If you’ve never heard of longboarding or seen it in action, check out DockSession Singapore’s ambassador Robert executing some longboard tricks (known as freestyling):

DockSession Singapore

Docksession is a weekly meet-up for longboarding enthusiasts that originally started in France in 2014. Since then, it has been spreading the stoke to other countries around the world, and now Singapore!

Started by longboarders for longboarders, DockSession Singapore is a no-strings-attached community that aims to spread the love for longboarding locally.

The crew usually meet up every Sunday from 4pm – 10pm at Gate 14 of the 100 Plus Promenade at Singapore Sports Hub. Make sure to follow them on their facebook page to keep yourself updated in case of location changes!

Aside from the weekly Sunday meet-ups at Singapore Sports Hub, the members of the crew also gather to cruise around the city on Car-free Sundays, as well as for impromptu skating sessions at different locations around Singapore.

Complete newbies are welcome, so don’t worry if you’ve never stepped on a board before – the people at DockSession are super friendly, and incredibly patient. The ambassador Robert is mad skilled (just watch the video and you’ll agree) and is also a great teacher.

As a matter of fact, the more experienced riders will be performing in the upcoming Chingay Parade this February 2018, so do keep a lookout for them!

Skating With The DockSession Crew

When I first joined DockSession in April 2017, all I knew was how to cruise on a longboard (skate from one place to another). Like most of the girls who joined DockSession, I was inspired by Korean skater Hyojoo Ko to pick up longboard dancing.

I mean, why not right? I own a longboard, so I might as well make full use of it.

This was me when I got my Paris trucks – the purple metal thingamajig that the wheels are attached to. A longboard deck can cost anything from S$200 – S$500, and trucks cost a minimum S$90. But don’t let the expensive price faze you, as there are always longboarders selling their pre-loved boards at a much cheaper price!

If you’re interested in trying out longboarding, I’d recommend getting a second-hand board from another longboarder. Some longboarders buy new decks when a company releases decks with new designs and builds (we’re human okay, the temptation is real), so most of them have a deck or two in good condition to let go of.

This was taken when I was trying to learn the Tiger Claw, a longboard trick. Don’t be fooled by the photo – the board is heavy. However, with the right momentum and force when popping and spinning the board, I managed to pull off a passable Tiger Claw (just barely, but can la).

Thinking back, it took me about a week to learn the Cross Step (a ‘dance’ move) without falling off my board, and another month or so to “master” it. Within two months, I was able to execute a few moves in a line with the help from other members, albeit awkwardly.

And yes, after weeks of practising, your limbs will get more toned! If this doesn’t beat working out in a boring gym, I don’t know what does.

Watching good skaters performing tricks effortlessly can be pretty discouraging; it makes you think that you’ll never be able to catch up to them. This preconceived notion was smashed when I witnessed them practising new tricks at DockSession, because behind every trick mastered is weeks of practising, falling, and failing.

The people at DockSession Singapore were also a tremendous help whenever I tried to learn a new trick – skaters who have mastered certain moves often share their personal tips.

Sure, skating alone can be pretty therapeutic when you need to take a breather from life, but it is when you’re skating with friends that the real fun begins. If picking up a new sport is one of your new year resolutions, why not head down to DockSession Singapore on a Sunday and try something new?

There’s no need to be shy; just turn up and approach any of the riders, and they’ll be happy to help you find your balance on the board, or teach you some new tricks. Pssst, girls are definitely welcome too!

Dates & Times: Every Sunday, 4pm – 10pm

Price: Free

DockSession Singapore: Meeting point is at Gate 14, 100 Plus Promenade @ Singapore Sports Hub, Stadium Boulevard Singapore 271003 | Facebook | Instagram

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