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| On 4 years ago

Localbooks.sg: Website Selling Only Singaporean Titles Is A Bibliophile’s Dream Come True

All aboard the reading train, because we’re in for a ride where local writers reign.

Localbooks.sg is your go-to website when seeking out a place for Singaporean titles, and some of the books here were even published overseas by local authors!

According to localbooks.sg, eight out of ten people wouldn’t recognise a locally written book even if they were holding one, which births forth their mission: spreading awareness of Singaporean books.

Screen capture of localbooks.sg

There’s a surprisingly large range of genres, from memoirs to cookbooks, science fiction, romance, and even erotica, just to name a few.

The stereotypical image of Singaporeans being unoriginal or having no creativity will be dispelled with one browse on localbooks.sg; with titles like The Seduction of the Simple and The Lover’s Inventory, who can resist giving those reads at least one peek?

If you’re getting a book as a gift, Localbooks.sg provides sweet services by offering free local shipping and free gift wrapping.

To top it off, you can do all your shopping Online, from the comfort and convenience of your home.

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