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Riding The Kyotrain Garaku Is Like Sitting In A Traditional Japanese Townhouse, But In A Train

Kyoto, Japan is easily one of Singaporeans most frequently travelled destinations with the number of pictures I see on my Instagram feed regularly. Now, there’s a new attraction worth checking out if you’re in Kyoto: Kyotrain Garaku.

Credit – Hankyu Railway

This Japanese train is outfitted with interiors that resemble that of a traditional Kyoto townhouse. And trust me, it definitely warrants a place on your Instagram page.

Credit – @jun02tb twitter

Hankyu Railway’s weekend ‘Kyotrain’ service runs between Umeda and Kyoto and its elegant design is enough to knock passengers off their feet. Dressed in maroon and white hues with retro prints like the traditional Japanese fan, this surely takes you back in time.

Credit – zop485 twitter

Take a peek inside the Kyotrain Garaku and it feels as though you will inexplicably be teleported into the Meiji era. The quaint straw, curtain furnishing and warm lights will definitely make you feel at home.

Just look at the luxuriously dark wood decors and tatami-inspired panels resembling a zen garden. People might mistake this for a traditional Machiya townhouse.

Credit – Hankyu Railway

Each train consists of six cars with four carriages representing the four seasons of Kyoto. Seats are adorned with flower prints of each corresponding season, such as Cherry blossoms for spring and Maple leaves for fall.

Credit –

The Kyotrain takes you from Osaka to Kyoto in a mere 45 minutes, but only operates on weekends and holidays. With its aesthetics, passengers wouldn’t be very bothered by the travel time now, would they?

Available now between Kyoto’s Kawaramachi and Osaka’s Umeda Stations on weekends/ holidays. The Kyotrain stops at Karasuma, Katsura, Awaji, and Juso stations.

Prices: 400 yen (S$5.06) per ticket between Umeda and Kawaramachi

Kyotrain Garaku (Hankyu Railway): Website

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