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Kofuku Cat Hotel Is The Largest Cat Hotel In Thailand With 42 Rooms & Even A Penthouse

If you are a pet owner, you would know how hard it is to travel – you have to think about your furry companion too and not just yourself. Thanks to the Kofuku Cat Hotel, pet owners won’t have to feel like they’re “abandoning” their cats while holidaying.

Credit- Kofuku Cat Hotel

After reading through the numerous positive online reviews (great service and constant updates), it’s clear that the staff of this cat hotel take pride in what they do. All rooms in the Kofuku Cat Hotel are dust resistant, have anti-ant food and water bowls, and sandboxes.

Listed below are the four types of rooms offered:


Credit- Kofuku Hotel

Each capsule houses one cat. Owners pay 250 Baht per night (S$10), or 6000 Baht per month (S$260). The Japanese style rooms include private shelve for the cat’s belongings and sleeping shelves along with its own specially designed pillow.


Credit – Kofuku Hotel

The deluxe rooms can house three cats per room. Rates are at 350 Baht per night (S$15), or 8400 Baht per month (S$365). These rooms have a higher ceiling and are divided into six levels for cats to have fun climbing around. Cats can play on the wooden bridge and there’s even a cat scratcher.


Credit- Kofuku Hotel

Suites can accommodate up to six cats. The rates are 700 Baht per night (S$30), or 16,800 Baht per month (S$730). The suites have clear windows for cats to look out of and stairs to climb too.


Credit- Kofuku Hotel

Finally, the best you can offer your cat is the penthouse- which can accommodate eight cats at 1000 Baht per night (around S$44) or 24,000 Baht per month (S$1045). Glass walls give the penthouse an open concept and the added space allows all the cats to have their own space (now I understand why this is the biggest cat hotel in Thailand).

Credit- Kofuku Hotel

It’s great to know that this Kofuku cat hotel and its staff take pride and care in handling animals under their care. Animals deserve to be pampered too.

Opening hours: 10am- 7pm

Prices: From Baht 250 a day

Kofuku Cat Hotel: 65/3 Rim Klong Bang Kapi Road, Bang Kapi, Huai Khwang, Bangkok, 10310 Website | Facebook | Instagram

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