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A Bang-For-Your-Buck With This Sleeper Train From Malaysia To Bangkok From S$38

If you really need a getaway and payday seem like miles away (me, right now), then read on!

This straight train from Malaysia to Bangkok might not have you encountering zombies (hah!) but it will definitely not leave you feeling like one despite its 17-hour duration!

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There’re definitely pros and cons to taking the sleeper train. It’s probably a fraction of the price of an air ticket to Bangkok, plus you don’t have to wait long at immigration.

However, depending on where you board your train from, it might take up to 23 hours for you to arrive in Bangkok.

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Depart from Kuala Lumpur (KL) Sentral to Padang Besar (near the border between Thailand and Malaysia) and it’ll take approximately six hours. Taking the train from Butterworth, Penang and it’ll take you roughly two hours.

The trip from Padang Besar to Bangkok will take you 17 hours.

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Padang Besar railway doubles up as both the Malaysian and Thai immigration checkpoints, so yes, you’ll still have to go through immigration.

Your next step is to book a different train for your trip to Thailand. You can do so online or at the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) counter within the Padang Besar station.

This is when you get to sleep comfortably during your journey!

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When you’re ready to hit the sack, the train conductors will convert these seats to your beds.

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You can choose between the lower decks (THB960), approximately S$43 or upper decks (THB860), approximately S$39 when you book your train tickets!

The lower berth means you’ll get a taste of the scenic view as you make your way to Thailand; definitely something you can’t see from the plane.

In addition, look forward to food sellers hopping on board the train at various stations to sell their delicious snacks or you can opt for the in-train menu.

Book your train tickets now if you’re up for an adventurous (and slightly unconventional) holiday! Anything to be kiasu and save money, right?

KTM Train tickets: KL to Padang Besar | Padang Besar to Bangkok

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