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| On 2 years ago

G-Shock Changes Their Game With The Release Of The Carbon GA-2100 Watch

G-Shock is no stranger to the watch fanbase.

I’ve grown up with G-Shock watches as so many others have and I’m proud to be part of the #Gshockgeneration.

Yet, I can never anticipate what’s next because they continue to surprise us with their ability to innovate.

G-Shock’s newly launched ‘Game Changer’ campaign aims to inspire others to, as G-Shock creator Kikuo Ibe said, “Never Give Up”.

The campaign celebrates local heroes and homegrown talents who have persevered through adversities to overcome various odds in their lives, making a name for themselves in their own fields.

These talents include artist Jahan Loh, professional footballer Christopher Van Huizhen and beatboxer Dharni Ng all of whom have pushed the boundaries, believed in their passions and chased them despite the naysayers.

In addition to the inspiring reason behind the campaign, G-Shock’s new line of Carbon Core Guard GA-2100 watches will be available from August 24 2019 onwards.

G-Shock continues to impress me with their originality. On top of them releasing their first-ever, solid red model, this beauty sports a new octagon-shaped bezel that fits my awkward-sized wrist perfectly.

You know, the not-too-big-not-too-small watches? Yes, this is it.

Credit – GShock

The GA-2100 also comes in a matte black which is suitable for both workwear and casual wear, making G-Shock one of the most universal accessory and watch brands out there.

Plus, the watch is made out of carbon which means it’s a whole lot lighter. However, it’ll still withstand your fiery temper as you throw your watch at the wall. Oh, that’s just me? Okay.

The GA-2100 series box set is available for S$209 at all G-Shock boutiques in Singapore. The set includes a watch and a necklace designed by local jewellery artist Hanya Seah. The necklace is also inscribed with the signature of Kikuo Ibe, G-Shock’s creator in lieu of the Game Changer Campaign.

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