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Korean Mask Hat Covers Your Entire Face in Face of Covid-19

I guess there is nothing more newsworthy currently than the Coronavirus outbreak which snatches headlines every day. On a less serious note, the memes on social behaviour and the creative masks that have popped up inevitably brings a giggle to the otherwise dire situation.

Credit – dongdaemunhat

Dong Dae Mun Hat, a South Korean-based hat retailer, created Mask Hats to add another layer of protection for users in case you find your mask inadequate. In the style of a bucket hat, this mask hat comes in two variations.

Credit – dongdaemunhat

The most noticeable feature of the headwear is its extended front brim that uses a transparent plastic sheet as a frame. This adds an extra shelter over your face without compromising your field of vision. Thus, the potential for exposure to stray body fluids seem to be curbed. The plastic sheet can be easily removed, disinfected and reused, making it an eco-friendly product. However, the manufacturer warned that the Mask Hat does not fully protect you from the virus.

Credit – dongdaemunhat

Kid-sized Mask Hats are available too, it comes in three colours; mustard yellow, pink, and black. The products are priced between KRW 9,000 and KRW 11,000 (approx. from S$10.51 to S$12.85). They are available online.

Price: KRW 9,000 to KRW 11,000 (approx. from S$10.51 to S$12.85)

Dong Dae Mun Mask Hat | Website | Instagram

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