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1982 Vans Fast Times Checkerboard Slip-on Makes A Comeback In March 2020 After 40 Years

Vans, the classic shoe brand, has created many well-known kicks over the decades, like Chima Pro and Old Skool. The list goes on. But did you know that the very first few Vans shoes were nameless and numbered?

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Adding one lost name to the family of Vans shoes, the limited edition of Vans “Fast Times” Checkerboard slip-on makes its comeback in March 2020 through Anaheim Factory Collection.

The checkerboard design was chanced upon by the founders in 1980s when they noticed children drawing check patterns on the white shoes, and the checkered sneakers were subsequently introduced. However, the story and its name did not end here.

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The classic black and white checkerboard slip-on got its name from the 1982 American teen comedy-drama Fast Times at Ridgemont High. In the classic cult high school film, Jeff Spicoli, who played the character of Sean Penn, wore the Vans slip-on, propelling the sneaker’s popularity.

Credit – Vans

Retaining its rich heritage, the reintroduced “Fast Times” slip-on is assembled using the same method as the 1982 originals. With a monochrome checkered board printed on the tongue and heel, the look is completed with the “Fast Times” logo lining the circumference of the midsole. Also, the improved version has been made with Vans UltraCush™ footbed for additional comfort.

“Fast Times” Checkerboard Slip-Ons will be released for a limited period. You can purchase them “Off the Rack” from the Vans website.

Price: TBC

Release date: March 2020

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