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K Bowling Club: New Wave Of Cosmic Neon-Light Bowling & Karaoke In Orchard

K Bowling Club is Singapore’s first full-time cosmic bowling alley. Located at 313 Somerset, this multi-entertainment venue has a bowling alley, dart machines, karaoke booths and an arcade.

Guests can enjoy food, drinks and music while jamming to songs by their favourite artists. I noticed this place when I was out shopping and I knew I had to see it for myself.

Hyped Up Neon Lights

Before stepping in, you can already hear the music playing and it really helps you get hyped up. The entire place was lit up with neon lights (but not too much that you get dizzy or anything) which was really cool.

K Bowling was pretty packed when we got there and it was only Monday. The service experience was great and the staff were really friendly in guiding us through what to do. Thanks to the shoe size conversion chart, finding my pair of bowling shoes was really easy and quick.

Bowling Lanes

The bowling lanes, as well as the sitting areas, are lit up with neon lights.  While waiting for your turn to bowl, you can chill out on these white plastic chairs that capture the trippy lights and watch your favourite music videos playing on the TV screens.

Just a word of advice: K bowling was really cold so please bring a jacket with you.

I really loved the music that was playing. They played hit songs from Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Eminem, and so many more I couldn’t keep track of them all.

Besides that entertainment, the music also helped distract my friends from my terrible bowling skills. The ambience was great with the neon lights and the great music.

You Can Play Darts Too

Dart machines can be found next to the bar and lounge area (S$2 per game). Try it out if you got bored of bowling.

Karaoke & Arcade

If you’re like me and you pretty much suck at bowling, you can try your luck at the arcade games or sing your heart out in one of their karaoke booths. Each karaoke booth can fit two people.

Karaoke booth rates: 15 mins – S$6 ; 30 mins -S$10 ; 1 hour – S$16

Arcade games: S$1 = 1 token

Bowling can make you hella hungry. Thankfully, K Bowling Club’s menu has a lot things for you to choose from including pizza, Samyang ramen and finger food like fries, nachos and chicken bites. Click here to see check out their food menu.

If you’re in the mood for some late night drunk bowling, K Bowling Club’s drinks menu offers alcohol too.

Overall, it was a fun experience at K Bowling club, but I do feel the price is a bit on the high side; you’re probably paying for the unique kaleidoscopic experience and central location. I’m glad I finally got around to trying this place out though.

K Bowling Orchard Rates:

Mon-Thurs: 10am-4pm (S$10 per game/ per pax) ; 4pm- 6am ( S$14 per game/ per pax)

Fri-Sun: 10am-4pm (S$12 per game/ per pax) ; 4pm-6am (S$16 per game/ per pax)

Shoes & socks (optional): S$2

Opening Hours: 10am- 6am daily (incl. weekends)

K Bowling Club: #03-27, 313 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238895 Website | Instagram | Facebook | Tel: +65 6737 5313 | Email

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