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| On 1 year ago

See Ju-On The Other Side — Ju-On The TV Series Is Coming To Netflix On 3 July

Horror fans near and far, gather ’round for this week’s witch- wait, what? This took a very different turn. I remember the very first time I jumped in fright while watching a horror movie through the meagre 13-inch screen of my laptop. Ju-on, the 2002 film, was one of my first loves in the horror scene. It had everything I looked out for back then—a gripping plot, some degree of realism, and an unnecessarily creepy-looking child ghost—in no particular order.

Credit – Netflix

Back then, it seemed like a film ahead of its time, with a clever use of subtlety, devoid of cheap jump scares that many of its other counterparts relied on to get by. Along the way, amidst the evolution of horror films and adaptations, we saw the birthing of masterpieces such as Air Aster’s Hereditary and Sopon Sukdapisit’s Laddaland. It seem’s like our old friend Ju-On, or The Grudge, is about to get an upgrade with its very own series on Netflix, Ju-On: Origins.

Credit – Netflix

Ju-On tells the story of a cursed house that is the host for many paranormal and other-worldly events that plague its inhabitants. Watch with bated breath as the backstory of our creepy on-screen company unfolds.

Credit – Netflix

Netflix has already had a great track record of gifting us with a host of brilliant supernatural series like The Haunting of Hill House and their first original Korean series, Kingdom. So, it’s only natural to be expectant and get excited when Ju-On: Origins hits the streaming site come 3 July 2020. We suggest you strap in, get comfortable, and grab a pillow to shield you from the horrors that await—trust us, you’re gonna need it.

Have a peek at the trailer below.

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Release date: 3 July 2020

Ju-On: Origins | Netflix

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