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#ComputersAgainstCovid Make A Meaningful Difference In S’pore This COVID-19 Climate

Home-Based Learning(HBL) is often seen as a simple alternative for schools in many homes during COVID-19. But what we fail to realise is that HBL is a privilege that many are denied of. This is why Engineering Good has started the #ComputersAgainstCovid campaign to assist the thousands of households with students that can’t afford laptops.

Credit-Engineering Good

#ComputersAgainstCovid collects old but usable laptops for refurbishment and gives them to underprivileged children who need them for Home-Based Learning. After collection, they’ll put together or fix these old laptops and distribute it among the families who require the assistance.

Even if you don’t have a laptop or laptop accessories to donate, there are several other ways that you can contribute to the movement. For example, you could donate money so they can purchase licenses and peripherals for the kids or volunteer with them to help out with logistics and distribution.

Credit-Engineering Good

You could also contribute by spreading the word for this cause so that it gets more reach and a larger audience can offer their assistance. It is extremely crucial that we come together in support of one another during these difficult times so that we can emerge stronger together as one nation.

Do your part and make a change by raising awareness and contributing in any way that you can. We are a small country, so let’s always make sure we stick together through adversities and have each other’s backs.

#ComputersAgainstCovid by Engineering Good | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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