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Brilliant Japanese artist recreates Japan’s city skylines with small colourful stickers

When one thinks of an art piece, usually brushes and paints come to mind. The stereotypical canvas painting of a beautiful meadow at sunset, frozen in time with acrylics and oils. Time and time again, however, artists all over the world have proven that there’s not only one way to paint a picture.

Remember Neil Buchanan from the famous kids’ art show Art Attack—with his giant art pieces made from everyday materials like clothes, sand, and salt? Art can be made with literally anything, in the hands of a creative and talented artist.

This is certainly the case with one Japanese artist, by the name of Yukino Ohmura. She creates beautiful, elaborate masterpieces depicting scenes of Japanese cityscapes at night using a simple stationery item you can find in any bookstore—coloured, round stickers.

Credit – Tumblr

Yukino has been creating these dazzling pieces for more than 10 years, and today she travels the world teaching and spreading the craft of sticker art.

Credit – Tumblr

The round stickers are perfect for her artworks of bright cities at nighttime, as they give the artworks a “bokeh” effect, which is a blurred light effect often used by photographers shooting cityscapes at night. Her works, as a result, look like stunning photographs.

Credit – Tumblr

Her artworks are truly one-of-a-kind, and honestly, make me miss the sights and sounds of Japan. For more of her works, check out her social media accounts below.

Yukino Ohmura | Tumblr | Instagram | Twitter

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