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Toast To Breakfast-Themed Household Items From Japan That’ll Leave You Feeling Sunny Side Up

We’ve seen cute and we’ve seen curious, but Japanese products have outdone themselves this time with their breakfast-themed household items.

Japanese grocery brand ‘Village Vanguard’ launched a collection of lounge furniture that has given a new definition to the phrase, all-day breakfast.

Credit – Japantrendshop

You’ve heard of Muji themed rooms and fully furnished Ikea homes. After looking at this single toast sofa going at JPY13,824 (approximately S$180), you might consider a food-themed living space.

Not only is this sofa perfect for small spaces, but it also comes in two different versions; a regular lounge sofa or the stackable sofa bed version.

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If a single sofa isn’t enough, get separate slices! The mini bread cushions, JPY7,538 each (approximately S$98) will be great accompaniments to the main loaf, especially if you’re hosting, well.. a breakfast?

No more uncomfortable plastic stools that might break (speaking from personal experience)!

Credit – Village Vanguard

Not into sitting up straight and poised? Grab this bread cushion, JPY19,800 (approximately S$260) for the days you want to.. loaf around.

Of course, you can’t have a full breakfast without something accompanying your toast. That’s why you’ll definitely need this sunny-side-up egg blanket.

Credit – Village Vanguard

This egg yolk blanket retailing at JPY2,678 (approximately S$35) will be the perfect sunny start to your day. Plus, after an egg-sausting work day, you can just curl up under the blanket and turn into an actual burrito.

So, what are you waiting around for? Om’letting you in on the secret. Sink your teeth into this entire household meal.

Village Vanguard | Website

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