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| On 4 years ago

FREE Anime Movie Tours To Japan This 2017 To Visit Real-Life Locations That Inspired ‘Your Name’

Oh yes, you read that title correctly: it’s FREE.

The Anime Tourism Association will be carrying out tours to visit real-life sites that inspired scenes in the hit anime movie, Your Name. The tours will take place some time between 7 March and 29 April 2017.

How can any fan resist signing up for this tour, especially when expenses such as flights, basic meals, accommodation and transportation within the tour are all provided?

Participants, however, do have to be willing to take part in feedback sessions, share rooms and travel by bus and on foot for some parts of the tour. That last part involving transport should be no sweat for Singaporeans; we’ve been doing that for ages!

The application form asks you to list which areas you would like to visit so you have a chance to vote for your favourite place and, maybe, you’ll even get to visit it during the tour!

Only 30 lucky people from each participating country will be able to attend this trip, as the tours are kept to a maximum of five people per group. Hurry and sign up if you’re interested!

Tour Dates: Various options between 7 March to 29 April 2017

Registration: Till 28 February 2017

‘Your Name’ (Kimi no Na wa) Official Tour: Various Locations Around Japan | Tour Duration: Five days, Four nights | Registration

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