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IUIGA: This Singaporean Brand Carries Products Similar To Muji At More Affordable Prices

Homegrown brand IUIGA launched last 2017 with the promise of bridging the gap between quality and affordability.

This means that it offers similar products to brands like Samsonite, Muji and L’Oréal at a lower price. The products are sourced directly from the respective manufacturers and hence are assured to be of a similar quality.

The team at IUIGA sent us some of their best-selling products which we eagerly put to the test. After a week of trying out the items, here’s our verdict on whether the products lived up to their promise.

Cotton Jersey Bed Linen Set

There was a huge hype over this set of bedsheets last year when IUIGA first launched. In fact, I’m positive that someone on Dayre even described his/her experience as “sleeping on clouds”.

Though I wouldn’t call it sleeping on clouds per se, the sheets were undeniably super comfortable.

The cotton jersey material made it feel as though I was nestled in a bunch of soft t-shirts. The sheets weren’t scratchy and rough and kept me really cosy at night. Getting out of bed became ten times harder.

After heading down to Muji to take a look at their bedsheets, I can attest that the texture and material of the sheets are exactly the same. Even the designs veer towards the same simple and earthy tones.

The only difference is that I probably wouldn’t be willing to pay for Muji’s prices – a duvet cover there is priced at S$99, the fitted sheet at S$63 and the pillow case at S$13.

If you’re looking for new bedsheets, I do recommend this, especially the set in gray stripes – it’s gorgeous!

IUIGA’s price: S$59.90 – S$69.90

Sonic Silicone Facial Cleansing Device

This facial cleansing device is seriously a steal for its price. I’ve been using my Foreo Go daily for the past two years and after swopping it with IUIGA’s facial cleansing device, I can’t tell any difference in results.

But, the difference in price tag is massive – my Foreo Go cost me S$160 and it doesn’t even have the options of changing the intensity of the vibrations that IUIGA’s device has.

The ergonomic design of the Facial Cleansing Device is great too – the curvature fits snugly into my palm. I guess the only gripe I have is that I would have preferred a more tapered end, so I can get into areas like the sides of my nose bridge better.

Besides this, IUIGA’s device does everything its more expensive counterparts do. It even has the same anti-ageing massage feature on the reverse side.

IUIGA’s price: S$23.90

Pro Clean Sonic Electric Toothbrush With 4 Replacement Heads

The first thing that piqued my interest was this charging stand. Isn’t it so sleek?

I had never tried an electric toothbrush prior to this so I’m probably not the best person to review this. However, this means that the toothbrush is essentially idiot-proof.

After trying IUIGA’s electric toothbrush for a week, I really enjoyed using it and am definitely sticking to it. The bristles were slightly softer and smaller so I was able to manoeuvre it around without fear of hurting myself.

The replacement heads are also priced reasonably at a pack of four for S$14.90.

The electric toothbrush comes with four settings – clean, whiten, relieve (for sensitive teeth) and powerful (for deep cleansing). This toothbrush is supposed to remove 10x more dental plaque than manual toothbrushes and after using the clean mode, my teeth did feel squeaky clean.

However, I’ve also been testing out the whiten mode and I can’t really see any difference. But to be fair, I’ve only been using it for a week. I’ll continue testing it out and see if it makes any difference; I’ll be back with an update.

IUIGA’s price: S$79.90

Square Food Storage Containers

When the team at IUIGA told me that they would be sending food storage containers over, I admit being a little skeptical. After all, these aren’t exactly the cheapest in the market – for S$12.90, I consider it slightly pricey.

However, I quickly discovered that their storage containers are rather special. The lid isn’t sealed typically with clasps or by pressing it into place. Rather, there’s this button you press down to seal the container which makes it essentially vacuum-sealed.

I tried leaving my cereal in there for a week and it’s still as crispy and fresh as when I first opened the packet! Though the containers are slightly pricer but they’re worth investing in since they’re lasting and really aesthetically pleasing too.

IUIGA’s price: S$10.90 – S$12.90 

S/S Flip-Top Lock Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

This insulated tumbler is able to keep your hot drinks warm and cold drinks chilled for several hours.

I put it to the ultimate test by pouring in freshly-boiled water and almost eight hours later, the water was still warm enough to make a nice cup of tea.

The clasp makes it leak-proof and the flip-top design makes it really convenient too. I wish I had this with me when I was travelling in winter. It’s light enough to carry everywhere and slim enough to fit into my backpack.

Bonus points for being pretty and sleek while doing its job well!

IUIGA’s price: S$23.80

– –

I know that my review of IUIGA’s products have been really positive but I promise I’m being completely objective. It’s hard to find faults when everything they sent over exceeded my expectations.

Besides, I appreciate how IUIGA maintains a beautiful, yet functional, appeal with everything they stock. All the items are curated such that they can easily blend into any home. There’s nothing outlandish or lacklustre.

Another pleasant surprise was the amount of detail they put into their items.

For instance, they even included a plastic cup in the Sonic Electric Toothbrush Set! It’s not necessary but the simple design pairs really well with the product.

It’s this attention to the little details that makes IUIGA stand out. So far, I’ve been really impressed with the brand!

Prices: S$2 – S$160

IUIGA: Website | Facebook

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