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Get Quality Household Products For A Lower Price At IUIGA’s Pop-Up Store In SingPost Centre Till End Of 2018

Ever since IUIGA first launched their online store last year, they’ve been one to watch when it comes to aesthetic household products and stationery.

While brands like Muji and Marks & Spencer often come to mind when you think about household necessities, few know that you can actually get the exact same products at a lower price right here at IUIGA!

After many requests from customers to get a chance to view their products in person, IUIGA has finally opened a brick-and-mortar pop-up store at SingPost Centre, and it’ll be here till the end of 2018.

One look around this store and you will realise that the get-up reminds you of Muji’s simplistic aesthetic. But the team at IUIGA knows the pain of paying so much just for daily necessities, and so they pledge to bring their customers quality products at affordable prices.

“How exactly do they sell the exact same products as other retailers but at a lower price?” is a question that we have and some of us might quite frankly sense scepticism creeping in.

For products that are sourced from other manufacturers, like the pair of Detachable Multi-Purpose Scissors (S$6.90) pictured below, there is actually a disclaimer stated above the price to let you know it is “direct from WMF manufacturer”.

There are even signs around the store that explain the value chain of a product from material to transport cost — in doing so, they explain the crazy markups from other retailers and how IUIGA keeps their costs as close to the raw cost.

The transparency in prices really showed their sincerity in bringing customers quality goods at the lowest possible prices.

Other products like this Sonic Silicone Facial Cleaning Device (S$23.90) are sourced directly from IUIGA’s manufacturer and can be found exclusively at IUIGA’s online and pop-up stores only.

As if that cleaning device didn’t sound amazingly extra enough, they also have the Hydra Ultrasonic Facial Mist Spray (S$29.80) that lets you steam your face, allowing your skin to absorb the moisturising ingredients better.

Taking care of your grooming needs from start to finish, IUIGA also offers this Striped Travel Eye Mask (S$6.90), the perfect companion when you want to rest your weary eyes and catch some beauty sleep.

The IUIGA team explained to us that surprisingly for an online store, one of their best sellers is their furniture, and it’s what their customers have been dying to get their hands on physically.

Kick back and relax on this Carter Fabric 3-seater Sofa (S$918) that’s both soft and spacious.

I even managed to find this stationery set that matched my manicure; all these adorable things for just S$14.90!

This set of pouches caught my eye because of the recycled material it’s made out of, and I was really surprised to find out that it’s actually waterproof! (Yes, if you must know, I poured a small drop of water on it just to test it out for myself).

And of course I couldn’t leave empty-handed so I picked out this adorable Panda Plushie Hug Cushion (S$15.40). Thanks to IUIGA I now have extra company for my soft toys sitting at home!

Dates: Now until the end of 2018

Prices: S$6.90 – S$918

IUIGA Pop-Up Store: SingPost Centre, #01-146, 10 Eunos Road 8, Singapore 408600 | Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm (Daily) | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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