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Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Colour Clay Masks: Get On Board With Multi-Masking & Its Rainbow Of Benefits

Multi-masking has been a thing since 2015 and it has been labeled a Korean beauty secret by the beauty industry. It refers to multiple masks being used simultaneously on different parts of your face to address the skin concerns for different areas.

With Innisfree’s release of the Jeju Volcanic Colour Clay Masks (S$13) on 28 June 2017, multi-masking has never been easier. There are seven colours for you to choose from and you can finally have a rainbow on your face.

It’s highly recommended to carry out multi-masking once or twice every week. The 70ml tubes are quite sizeable and they’ll probably last for months.

With every purchase of Innisfree’s Jeju Volcanic Colour Clay Mask, you will get a free sample. This is great for you to try a mask before investing in a large tube.

They come in adorable travel-sized tubes and will fit your makeup bag. Bring them along on short trips and pamper yourself! There are three types of clay masks so let’s find out more about them according to their types:

Water Gel Clay Type

The Water Gel Clay Type is a moisture-enriched mask pack that dries rapidly and should be applied thinly onto the face. These liquid masks practically oozed out of their tubes, so be careful and apply less pressure when you’re squeezing the tubes.

All three masks serve different functions. The Yellow mask contains Vitamin C, which will brighten your skin and give you a youthful look. The Blue mask hydrates and moisturises the skin, which is a great choice if you have dry skin like I do.

As the Pink mask contains pomegranate seed oil, it will rejuvenate and refresh your skin. If you have an uneven skin tone because of too much exposure to the sun, use this mask to avoid irregular darkening of your skin.

Cream Clay Type

The Cream Clay Type is a mask pack that does not leave the skin feeling tight. There are two masks under this category. The Green mask provides cica care, making it perfect for problem and oily skin. Applying this mask on your pimples and T-zone can help you reduce the oil in those areas.

If you have sensitive skin, try the Purple mask and enjoy a calming effect that is bound to soothe your skin.

Transforming Clay Type

The Transforming Clay Type is a mask pack that works up a lather upon contact with water and performs the dual function of masking and cleansing.

The White mask is refining and will smoothen your skin. I love skincare products with sea-salt since it is a natural detoxifier and often works wonders. The Black mask is purifying and contains mud as its special ingredient.

Although it’s called a Black mask, it looks dark grey at first glance. After you rub it into your skin, it will fade into a lighter grey but I ain’t complaining as long as it works its magic!


If you are spoilt for choice and unsure of which masks to buy, fret not! Innisfree has combination recommendations, where they tell you which mask to use for specific areas depending on the purpose of the masking session.

I tried all three combinations and this is how the multi-masking turned out:

If You Want To Pamper Your Skin After A Long Day

White (on your T-zone) & Pink (on your cheeks) & Green (on your chin)

If you’re feeling tired after a long day, your skin will probably need to breathe as well. Refine and refresh your skin with this combination.

Get some shut-eye while the masks work their magic. Remember to wake up and wash the masks off after 10 minutes because leaving them on for too long will achieve the opposite effect of drying your skin out!

After Outdoor Activities

Black (on your T-zone) & Purple (on your cheeks) & Blue (below your cheeks)

If you have an active lifestyle, this combination is for you. After breaking out a sweat, you ought to let your skin recover from exhaustion by slapping on some masks.

In Preparation For Special Occasions

Pink (on your T-zone) & White (on your cheeks) & Yellow (under your eyes and on your chin)

If you are preparing for a date or an important event the next day, prime your skin to be in the best condition for longer-lasting makeup with this combination!

After the multi-masking sessions, my skin felt tight and radiant. My face was also visibly fairer and brighter. My favourite effect was that the fresh pimples that I had on my face healed the very next day!

From now till 20 August 2017, share your #MultiMasking selfies on Facebook or Instagram and stand a chance to win a Jeju Volcanic Colour Clay Mask Multimasking Palette Kit.

So grab some masks now and strike a pose; you may very well be the lucky person walking away with seven masks, a pack brush, multi-masking stencils and How-to-MultiMasking Cards.

Although this beauty trend surfaced in 2015, it never really hit Singapore. With Innisfree’s new products, multi-making is made accessible and is bound to stay. It is always a good idea to pamper your skin and it’s a bonus to look cute while doing it!

Price: S$13 per tube

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Colour Clay Mask: Available in-stores at Innisfree | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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