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Kellogg’s New Incogmeato Brand Is Releasing Meat-less Burger Patties & Vegan Nuggets By Mid 2020

As more people are taking active steps to reduce meat in their daily food intake, more food brands are catering to meatless meat-like options to feed this demand.

Credit – Kellogg’s

Kellogg’s vegetarian division, MorningStar Farms, is introducing more novel meatless meat-like products through their new vegan Incogmeato brand. This new line of burger patties is available come March 2020, while the meatless bratwurst and sausage hits grocery stores around June 2020. Vegan nuggets and tenders are also in the pipeline, but an exact release date has not been revealed. All of these products will be sold in the fresh meat section in major grocery stores around the United States of America (USA).

Unlike other plant-based meat which uses pea-protein to replicate the taste of meat, Incogmeato products are created from soy instead. Some experts claim that the use of soy improves the taste and texture of the product. However, soy being the top food allergen may turn many potential consumers away.

Plant-based demand is trending and competing Vegan brands are furiously improving food quality and options to win consumers’ taste buds. The quantity and quality of plant-based products can only improve from here.

Kellogg’s Incogmeato is currently not available in major supermarkets in Singapore, we suggest airfov as a useful option to help ship the items back. But who knows, with a successful run in the United States, there’s always a possibility to see Incogmeato hit Singapore’s shores someday.

Kellogg’s Incogmeato: Website

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