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IKEA Singapore X Sonos: Bringing You Songs With Your Furniture This September 2020

Surrounding yourself with the right music can really make a difference to your mood, especially when it’s stay-at-home season. When it comes to making your home comfortable, IKEA seems to always have the solution.

We all know the Swedish brand for their impeccable furniture and meatballs, so naturally it wouldn’t be the first place we go to for electronic devices like speakers. Well, come September, that’s all about to change.

IKEA, in collaboration with sound giants Sonos, announced in-store that they will be releasing a pair of speakers that integrate seamlessly with your home decor in September. They are called the SYMFONISK WiFi speakers and one of them can double up as a shelf, while the other also looks and functions as a table lamp.

Now it’s possible to not only make your furniture look good—you can also make them sound good.

These speakers connect to your phone via WiFi, so there will be no interruption if your phone rings while a song is playing. You can connect your phone to multiple speakers for a stereo sound system in your home, or you can connect each speaker to separate phones, whichever you prefer.

Lift the spirits of your entire family while you’re being confined within the walls of your home in style.

Credit – Ikea

Credit – Ikea

According to the US website, the speakers are retailing for USD$99 and USD$189 respectively. If the Singapore prices can be expected to be around this price point, we feel that this is a sound choice for those of you looking for impeccable, home-friendly audio with an added element of style.

Price: TBA

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