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Win Some Nasi Lemak, Roti Prata & Laksa Nike Shoes From Designer Clickje’s Raffle

Who can resist a steaming bowl of Laksa after a hard day’s work, or a tightly packed Nasi Lemak wrapped in a fragrant banana leaf to start the day? Nasi Lemak, Roti Prata, and Laksa—these are three classic dishes synonymous with Singapore’s vibrant culture. Many Singaporeans know these dishes and are used to seeing them on a plate—but how about wearing them on your feet?

Credit – Clickje / Instagram

Rejoice, sneakerheads! Peep these limited edition pairs of shoes that feature the iconic colours of these quintessential dishes. The collection consists of three Nike classic sneaker models—the Air Max 90, the Air Jordan 1 and the Air Force 1, with each pair featuring the vibrant colours of Nasi Lemak, Roti Prata, and Laksa respectively.

Credit – Clickje / Instagram

The Nasi Lemak Air Max 90 is mostly white, like the rice, with some pandan-leaf inspired green trimmings and hints of sambal red and egg yellow. The Roti Prata Air Jordan 1 has a patterned brown upper, with the well-recognised tick in a bright, curry orange while the Laksa Air Force 1 is a spicy orange with differing shades of red, sitting on a bold, white sole.

Credit – Clickje / Instagram

If you’re craving for a pair, you’re in luck—Designer Clickje is actually having a raffle on his Instagram page where you can purchase a ticket for merely $3 to stand a chance in winning a pair. Seeing how these shoes are limited edition and truly one of a kind, we feel that it is a no-brainer.

To participate, you’ll need to follow Clickje and Out of Fun on Instagram and slide into their DMs to purchase your ticket and state which shoe you’re raffling for. The raffle ends at 9.30pm on August 14, so best for you to hurry before you lose your chance in getting these one-of-a-kind gems!

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