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Beautiful Video Features Local Man Walking 36km Across Singapore—in Crocs

For $64, I think a pair of Crocs are grossly overpriced. I’ve never liked the design, and having never owned a pair because of that reason, I can’t say much when it comes to comfort. Seeing how they’re vastly popular, I’ve always assumed them to be extremely comfortable, you know, to make up for their lack of aesthetic. So when I came across local YouTuber Shawneydepp’s video of him walking 36km across Singapore in Crocs, I was curious—I was finally able to see these shoes being put to the test.

Credit – YouTube

While watching the video, I was instead pleasantly surprised at how beautifully shot it was. The video was shot by Shawneydepp, who’s real name is Shawne, on his trek along the newly-opened 36 kilometre NParks Coast-To-Coast trail and features him sharing his experience directly to viewers.

Credit – YouTube

The video showcased the beauty of scenic places across Singapore, such as the Bukit Batok Nature Park, MacRitchie Reservoir Park, the beautiful houses along Sixth Avenue, and the Bishan-Ang Mo Kio park. Such was the high level of quality in the shots, even regular places filmed in the video, like a playground, were delightful to watch.

Credit – YouTube

Credit – YouTube

The crocs did not serve Shawne well, though, for it gave him blisters so bad he ditched them to walk barefoot on the last part of his journey before the dire condition of his legs forced him to give up. It reminded me of the dreadful route marches during my army days, and for that I commend Shawne for sticking it through and going as far as he did.

Credit – YouTube

I came out from watching the video not convinced that Crocs is worth my money, but I was satisfied to watch such a well-made video of a fellow local sharing his experience on the Coast-to-coast trail.

Watch the video here.

Shawneydepp | YouTube | Facebook | Instagram

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