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| On 2 years ago

The HyperChiller: Turn Your Hot Drinks Into Cold Beverages In Under 1 Minute, Without Diluting Its Taste

Enduring the stifling heat and humidity is expected of all locals. It’s an adaptation! Like how Russians aren’t affected by the cold. Chilling a drink with ice only for it to become a diluted mess is something we shouldn’t have to put up with though. The HyperChiller‘s unique proposition? “Chill your hot beverage in 60 seconds without diluting it”.

The Ultimate Coffee Chiller

A Kickstarter product that retails at We The People Store, the HyperChiller is marketed as the coffee chiller to have, but of course, it can be used to chill a whole slew of beverages. Finding a reason to give it a whirl wasn’t difficult given my love (dependency) for coffee.

Assembling and using the HyperChiller is straightforward enough. Essentially a container within a container, if you have the skills and knowledge needed to open bottles, then this shouldn’t be much harder.

If you’re the sort that needs some sort of endorsement before you decide to part ways with some hard earned money – Terence Tan, the 2017 Singapore National Barista Champion incorporated the HyperChiller into the preparation of his winning coffee drink.

I won’t go into the finer details of how temperature affects the flavour profile of coffee and other beverages. But with the hype about cold-pressed coffees in cafes across the world, it’s safe to say that people are looking to indulge in their favourite caffeinated drinks, chilled – without diluting it.

How To Use

My coffee brewing apparatus of choice: the Vietnamese “phin” or filter. 

To get started, fill the appropriate containers with water, screw on the lids and pop into the freezer till everything is nice and frozen.

Once your HyperChiller has sat in the freezer for the stipulated amount of time, pull it out and pour your freshly brewed coffee or beverage of choice into the trough.

Swirl your HyperChiller for approximately 60 seconds. Then tip your now chilled beverage back into your preferred cup.

Enjoy your chilled beverage that hasn’t turned into a diluted disaster. Simply rinse the cavity of the HyperChiller and place it back into the freezer!



So, is the HyperChiller worth its price tag of $69.90 at We The People Store? If you’re the sort that’s always having friends over for drinks, coffee or tea, then this is a nifty little product you should definitely consider.

The HyperChiller can be used for your favourite alcoholic beverage as well!

You’ll be able to use it to instantly chill multiple servings of your freshly shaken cocktail, or coffee straight from a French press or moka pot. Because let’s face it, we’re not always thrilled to drink a cup of piping hot coffee in our 32°C weather.

Or perhaps you’re going make the HyperChiller part of your daily caffeine routine. Whatever the case, the HyperChiller isn’t just some novel nonsense.

If you get a kick out of getting the latest lifestyle gadget however, keep your cards and money in your wallet. And get yourself some help.

Price: $69.90

HyperChiller: Website

Retails in Singapore at:

We The People Store: 9 Raffles Boulevard, Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596 & 181 Orchard Rd, Orchard Central #04-03, Singapore 238896 | Facebook | Website

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