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Hyper-realistic Durian Bags From Thailand – Someone May Just Report You to SMRT

Credit: Instagram / @Orange2151

Spot the real durian. Comparable isn’t it? I’m amazed at the sheer likeness.

The durian bags come in two sizes: small and large in the form of a whole thorny durian.

If carrying a whole durian bag is too wacky for you, how about the durian pouch instead? From the looks of it, you can fit your cards, a phone and loose change!

If you are not a durian fan, not to worry, the shop also carries other hyper-realistic fruits and vegetable designs.

Prices range from 450 THB (approx. S$20) for the durian purse to 950 THB (approx. S$43) for the large durian bag. Many stalls in Chatuchak also carry these unique durian bag designs if you’re in the city. These make perfect souvenirs from Bangkok.

Durian Bag from @Orange2151: Instagram | Line ID: orange_ty2151

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