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Hush Candle: Keep An Eye Out For This Affordable Candle-Making Workshop In Singapore

Candles are amazing for cozying up a space or unwinding after a long day. But, it’s sometimes heartbreaking to light them up considering their often exorbitant price tags.


Local label Hush Candle has made this simple pleasure more accessible by marrying quality and affordability.

Credit: Hush Candle 

Singaporeans Nicole Su and Chelsea Low founded the brand with the hopes of offering people a way to relax and unwind after a long day with affordable and high quality candles. This was also how their brand name, Hush, was chosen, for it evokes this sense of tranquility and serenity.

Though the candles are rather affordable, with prices starting from S$18, what intrigued me was the workshops. Hence, I decided to give their recent Basic Essential Oil Blending & Candle Making Workshop a try.

Priced at S$75, I think it was a very reasonable investment. After all, I left the session with three completely personalised candles and a basic knowledge of blending essential oils and making candles.

The Workshop Experience

The session I attended was held on a Sunday morning at the second floor of Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR). It was the perfect environment, with the morning breeze flitting in and upbeat music playing softly in the background.

Since there are approximately 10 participants per session, it was intimate and cozy. The small class size also allowed founders Chelsea and Nicole to address each individual’s questions.

Chelsea kickstarted the workshop with a brief sharing about the different properties and benefits of essential oils. We were then given a chance to patch test all of them before deciding on our custom blends for the candles.

With over 12 different scents to choose from, we were all spoilt for choice. Common favourites were the Lavender, Geranium and Bergamot oils, and we were always hunting across the table to see who was holding on to them.

Finally, we got to the exciting part – creating our own custom blend. We were told that this is when things can either go very right or very wrong.

For instance, you can’t just do as you please. Instead, different types of essential oils should be added in different ratios according to their properties — whether they’re the top note, middle note or base note.

That’s when we really needed the expertise of Nicole and Chelsea. Having two years of experience experimenting with different blends, they were able to advise us on whether our chosen blends sounded promising or borderline nasty. If your chosen combination sounds a little tricky, they’ll offer better alternatives for you to consider.

Handy Coffee Beans

Holding the workshop above a café turned out to be a fitting location when our olfactory senses became overwhelmed by all the different scents. A quick inhale of the aroma from the coffee beans reset our noses and we could resume on a fresh slate.

Next, we moved on to the actual candle making – pouring the wax into the jars and mixing in the essential oils. It then took perhaps 15 minutes for the wax to cure and we left with our personal creations.

The moment of truth came when we uncapped our jars. Since the essential oils we had been working with thus far were in concentrated form, they would smell very different as candles.

The Verdict

Overall, the whole process was quick and insightful. I’m really not a morning person but I think this session was seriously worth waking up for – I love my personalised candles!

Also, attending a workshop and creating your own candles sure beats purchasing ready-made ones. The thrill of holding something that’s completely one-of-a-kind that you’ve made from scratch is so satisfying.

For instance, the blend for the candle I’ve dubbed “Moonchild” is a secret that only I know.

Since other candle-making workshops are usually priced over S$100, Hush Candle’s is definitely one of the more affordable ones available.

Not only will the session be a great gift for a friend, it’s also a fun bonding activity! Brides-to-be can perhaps consider this as a bridesmaids bonding session? Or, you can even attend the session yourself and make some personalised candles for your loved ones.

Besides workshops, Hush Candle also sells ready-made jar candles, available online and at various stockists. The candles come in nine different scents and are priced at S$18 for the smaller 4 oz. jars and S$32 for larger 8 oz. ones.

Though these prices are similar to that of Yankee Candle’s, the materials that Hush Candle uses are more natural. For instance, therapeutic grade essential oils and natural soy wax are used instead of artificial fragrances and paraffin. The resulting melted wax is so pure that you can scoop it up and use it as massage oil.

For those interested in the workshop, Hush Candle will be running more of such workshops in future. Do keep a lookout for upcoming workshops on their Facebook page!

Prices: S$18 – S$32 (Candles), S$75 (Workshop) 

Hush Candle: Website | Facebook

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