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Human Library #2 (5 Mar 17): The Return Of The Singaporean Library With No Books

Most people wouldn’t believe me if I told them that a library without books exists. And here’s where I prove them wrong. This coming 5 March 2017, the Human Library Singapore returns for its second installation at The Red Box in Somerset.

But what’s so special and different about this particular library? Well, instead of regular books, you’ll be loaning humans (“Human Books”).

The concept started in Denmark and aims to construct a positive framework for dialogues that can confront stereotypes and prejudices. It has since been adopted and organised on a global scale, and was quite the success in Singapore last year.

Be prepared to be pulled into immersive and engaging conversations as you listen to recounts from real people with very different backgrounds. Last year’s event featured the Tudung Traveller, a seminarian, a sex-worker turned researcher and writer, ex-convict Jabez Koh, and more.

The Human Library Singapore hopes to break down social barriers by providing a safe platform for the voices of all individuals in Singapore.

Registration to attend the event is now open. If you feel that you have a unique story to tell, why not sign up to be a Human Book?

Date & Time: 5 March 2017,  12pm – 6pm 

Human Library #2: The Red Box, 113 Somerset Road, Singapore 238165 | Registration (To be a Human Book) | Registration (To Attend the Event) | Facebook | Website

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