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H&M Make-up Hits Our Asian Shores & Here’s A Quick Review

We’ve been so very blessed with H&M, an exquisite high street fashion market place with prices that are more than what we bargained for. Add that occasional couture touch and we’ve got ourselves a cult following. I mean, we’re talking bout Karl Lagerfeld and the likes. When Karl Lagerfeld approves, all is good.

Folks are perfectly aware of H&M’s prowess, so when the Swedish fast fashion chain announced that their full range of beauty products are gracing our Singapore shores, we pretty much batshit crazy. Launched on 9th Sept 2016, Singapore is the first country in South East Asia to get her hands on all these cosmetic goodies.

And the best part yet? H&M’s products are extremely and intensely, affordable. But many of you must be wondering if the make-up is good, does the concealer blend well, do the eyeshadows stay on for long and whether the lipstick is moisturising.

Wonder no more my sweethearts, for I’m bringing you a review of their staple products, you’re welcome.


Custom Concealer Trio – Light to Medium tone ($14.90), Precision Concealer Brush ($14.90)

Bye bye $60 concealer, you’ve served me well but we all know that all good things come to an end and my wallet craves some supplement. Switch on over toH&M’s concealer if you’re all about the mattifying effect. They’re rather easy to blend, pretty wet at the first application but mattifies as it dries up.

What I really like about the concealer is that there are trio shades, for different difficult spot areas. Lighter ones for the under eye and the other shades accordingly to the parts you wish to highlight, or conceal as per usual.

Shade: Light to Medium

Also, with this concealer you don’t have to worry if you’re getting the right shade for your skin tone or that it becomes obsolete when you get a tad bit tanner. Alas, the customisation trio shades are here to save the day.

Indulge in their concealer brush if you wish, because it’s cheap and reasonably soft and tender. Don’t expect luscious strokes that are oh-so-delectable but definitely more than satisfactory for its pricing.


Eye Fidelity Primer ($12.90)

Next up on the judging panel are their eye primer and eye shadow palette.

Eyeshadow Palette in Ready, Set, Glow ($14.90)

To test out the primer, I’ve applied it all over my right arm before swatching the shades of the eye shadow palette on both arms. Though there is a visible difference in the transfer of colours, with the ones without primer less staying than the ones with primer on the right, it was still rather difficult to apply and stain.

While I wouldn’t recommend to get the primer, it could be a saver for when you’re desperate and can’t really afford the Urban Decay one, because life is harsh but you’ve still gotta be slaying.

But with that said, the eyeshadow palette is versatile and so easy to blend. I love the colours within, all bronzy, earthy and shimmery, perfect for both day and night use. I’ll have you know that the colours stay on for the whole day, so that’s a plus.

A double plus is when you find that comprehensive booklet taped on the inside of the packaging, teaching you how to achieve different looks with the suitable brushes and shades. How thoughtful.

Eyeliner & Mascara

Dipliner Ink ($9.90)

Channelling all the sass I’ve got and squealing out loud a huge yas to this eyeliner. Special shout out to all those who agree with me that felt liner pens are the easiest to use. Exceedingly thin, this liner finishes each stroke with precision and allows for the user to create a cat eye or winged liner real easily.

I like the jet black opaque application and you’d go like yeah duh, its a black liner but you’ll be surprised at how translucent some black eyeliners get and no amount of reapplication is going to give an opaque enough liner with a smooth finish.

Go thicker if you’re into that va va voom look, or thin or anything really, because this liner is that easy to use. Psst, it’s also rather easy to remove, brownie points.

Faux To Go Mascara ($19.90)

The most expensive product out of the lot and it’s a total no for me. It’s supposed to create a voluminous effect, with almost faux-like lashes.

But what it really does is give me a headache when applying because the mascara doesn’t transfer onto the lashes easily and I have to reapply at least 3-4 coats to even see a visible difference. The applicator is also pretty hard to work with.

Lipstick & Blusher

Cream Lip Colour in Cherry Vine ($14.90)

Pure Velvet Cream Blusher in Sunny Peach ($14.90)

I know matte lipsticks are all the rage and especially the liquid ones because Kylie Jenner, Anastasia Beverly Hills, NYX and Color Pop. But I’ve decided to try the cream lip colour, good old traditional lipstick. Because what’s the rest when you can’t even get your basics right.

So I’m kinda all praise for it. It’s rather moisturising and doesn’t give that powdery texture that some do. Application is easy, though I’d recommend using a lip brush for precise strokes that spares you from that joker smile.

Colour wise, it’s vibrant, transfers well. The only downside is that it smudges easily and doesn’t really stay on, of which I’m totally okay with because it doesn’t stain the lips, making easier to remove. Call me weird, I love reapplying lipsticks.

Ah the cream blusher, oh the cream blusher. I love the subtle shimmery hint and it blends so well and blends so good. It gives a light tint and could double up as a highlighter because of all that shimmer.

Make-up removal wipes

Gently Does It Cleansing Wipe 25pcs ($3.90)

Last but not least, the water-based cleansing wipes. They’re magical. Especially against their own make up. Fuss free, easy to remove. I tried clocking in the duration and it literally took me less than two minutes to remove my make up. Also great for those with lash extensions, because of its water-based nature.

But this might prove to be rather tricky with waterproof make up. I’m not really a huge fan of waterproof make up because I end up looking like a freak show whenever I try to remove it, so these wipes are perfectly up my alley and you bet I’m on it.

So there we go, a review of all things cosmetic-staple-ish from their make up range. Like all brands, there are hits and misses. And make-up is rather subjective, a mattifying concealer may be good for someone with oily skin but not so with the other camp.

This is what I can do for you at best, try it out and you decide if it’s worth your money. But hey, for that pricing, everything’s cool (except for the masacara, which I’m still really bitter about). My personal favourite series are the concealer, eyeliner/eyeshadow and lipstick.

Seriously though, the pricing is making me way too excited than I should. My wallet is ready. I mean, $10 eyeliner? C’mon.

You know how they say get rich or die trying, at least I’ll have my eyeliner on fleek when they lower me in my coffin.

H&M: Various Locations | Website

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