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| On 1 year ago

Choc Out Hershey’s Two New Adorable Lifestyle Collabs Coming Our Way 1 Feb

Anytime’s a good time for chocolate, and Hershey’s is fully aware of that. That’s why they’ve dropped not just one, but two new collabs to treat us. Here’s a round-up of Hershey’s two new collaboration collections, and where to find them.

Hershey’s x Etude House

Credit – Etude House

It was only a matter of time before a makeup collab like that came to fruition—the packaging and presentation makes it so seamless for the two brands to come together. Themed according to their Dark Chocolate and Cookies and Cream concepts, the line boasts two different eye shadow palettes, each suited for a different look.

Credit – Etude House

There are also two lip creams to choose from, each in a flattering shade of muted pink.

Credit – Etude House

My favourite part of the collection is its attention to detail, and how the Cookies and Cream Eye Shadow Palette has a shade that looks like the chocolate bar itself, complete with the little cookie bits appearance.

Credit – Etude House

The prices for this collection have yet to be announced, but Etude House Singapore has said that it’s slated to hit stores on 1 Feb 2020.

Hershey’s x Niko And…

Another sweet collection we have from Hershey’s is their collab with Japanese Lifestyle store Niko And….

Credit – Niko And…

The collection boasts an explosion of Hershey’s merchandise, so chocolate-loving fans of the brand—it’s definitely a haven for you.

Credit – Niko And…

From clocks, cushions, and phone cases to mugs, keychains, and handkerchiefs, there’ll be no shortage of Hershey’s fun here.

Credit – Niko And…

Unfortunately, the collection isn’t available in Singapore yet, but who’s to say that shipping through EzBuy’s EzShip function isn’t an option? Alternatively, if you have friends currently in Taipei or Tokyo, it’s time to hit them up for a little favour.

Date: 1 Feb 2020

Hershey’s x Etude House | Website | Facebook | Instagram

Date: 1 Feb 2020

Hershey’s x Niko And… | Website | Facebook | Instagram

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