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Daiso’s S$2 Portable Mahjong Set Lets You Play Your Favourite Game Anywhere

Mahjong lovers can now literally play the game wherever they want with this S$2 Daiso portable Mahjong cards.

When a game of Mahjong comes to mind, one would typically think of your full-sized game tiles, table, betting chips, the full shebang.

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Space is a concern too, you would need a fair amount of free space to set up the tables and chairs.

And while Mahjong tiles do typically come in a carry case, would you really want to lug around a heavy case of plastic or glass tiles with you around?

I’m guessing no.

But you’re a lover of the game and would want to capitalise on any opportunity to play Mahjong whenever you’re around your Mahjong khakis.

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This is where Daiso’s portable Mahjong cards come in.

From expert players to novices, these cards are perfect for any player. Especially beginner players who are still learning and would want to practice whenever they can.

Each box will include 4 cardboard card stands and a deck of mini cards.

Of course, these cards would never replace the original tile game, but it would definitely be an interesting addition to games night at your mate’s place.

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These cards would be perfect for travel as well. I’ve already seen a friend who’s currently doing a semester abroad play a game of Mahjong with her fellow Singaporean schoolmates with these cards.

Price: S$2

Location: Any Daiso outlets 

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