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Helix Tattoos: Popular Tiny Ear Tattoo Trend From Korea Perfect For Those Looking For A Discrete Work Of Art

If you’ve hesitated about getting a tattoo because you don’t want it to be too visible, check out the latest trend: Helix Tattoos!

Essentially an ear tattoo, it comes in all forms of tiny designs including flowers, animal paw prints, simple lines, and many others. If you already have a helix piercing, you could always tattoo your earlobes or other parts of the ear, so that you can permanently go without an earring.

Unlike in Korea — where the trend was first started by tattoo artist Zihee — the concept may be relatively new to Singapore, but I’m sure the tattoo parlours here will be open to trying it out.

Do you think that the Helix Tattoo will become a thing in Singapore too?

Helix Tattoos: Originated from Zihee

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