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10 Hidden HDB Rooftop Gardens In Singapore – More Than Just Greenery

I’m no stranger to lepak-ing with my friends on HDB carpark rooftops or void decks till the wee hours of the night to indulge in the occasional game of Mobile Legends. But did you know, that aside from void decks, there are actually some hidden HDB rooftop gardens that are equally great chill-out spots?

With the constant need to go green, the rooftops of certain HDBs have been transformed with greenery, as an initiative by NParks. I scoured the island to find some of these rooftops, that aren’t just greenery—some of them actually make great places to sit down with your friends or even your date, to chill.

1. 28 Dover Crescent

If you stay in the West, or in the vicinity of Anglo Chinese Independent School, this is a rooftop that you should check out.

On this rooftop, you will be able to enjoy a scenic view of our sunny island, as well as chill at some of the seats provided for you.

There is even a herb garden for you to pick at for free. Just be sure to only take what you need, and leave some for the residents staying nearby.

The rooftop makes for a good place for Instagram photos, whether it is with the purple signboards or among the greenery.

Address: 28 Dover Crescent, Singapore 130028

2. 18 Holland Drive

Before my visit to 18 Holland Drive, I was curious—you would think that Holland Village is a place where many expats stay, so there’d be a lot of bars, condominiums and landed properties. An HDB estate was the last thing I expected.

I was a little disappointed as the rooftop garden did not look like it had much to offer.

Address: 18 Holland Drive, Singapore 271018

3. 88 Tanglin Halt Rd

Located just opposite Commonwealth MRT, this multi-storey carpark is also home to a few neighbourhood eateries and shops.

The park is relatively large, hosting a playground as well for kids to play at. There is also a stone path—one of the largest I’ve seen.

Address: 88 Tanglin Halt Rd, Singapore 140188

4. Blk 673 Yishun Ave 4

On top of yet another multi-storey carpark, this rooftop garden is right beside the Wisteria mall in Yishun. At this garden, you can expect slightly more vibrant flowers, which makes for a colourful background for your photo.

You may stand amongst the flowers to give off the impression that you are in an actual garden, which makes for a beautiful shot. While it doesn’t really have a chill-out spot for you to hang out with your friends, this place might make for a good spur-of-the-moment photo shoot.

Address: Blk 673 Yishun Ave 4, Singapore 763673

5. 180 Edgefield Plains

Punggol may be famous for its Punggol Waterway Park, but do you know that it is also home to a few rooftop gardens?

One of which sits snugly atop a multi-storey carpark. Choose to take a walk along the narrow pathways while enjoying the evening breeze after a tough day at work or make use of the sitting areas to meet up with your friends to lepak.

Address: 180 Edgefield Plains, Singapore 820180

6. 309B Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

Situated next to the bright blue and yellow HDB buildings, this rooftop garden at 309B Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 could be on your list of Instagrammable places. The contrast between the greenery and the vibrant colours of the building can serve as a nice background for your Instagram photos.

There are many photo spots in this rooftop garden, offering something different from the other parks on this list.

Address: 309B Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, Singapore 561309 

7. 78B Lorong 1 Toa Payoh

Imagine a brick-paved rainforest. That is exactly what this rooftop garden at 78B Lorong 1 Toa Payoh has to offer.

The towering trees and high-rise buildings will make you seem tiny. If you’re into these type of photo styles, you should definitely visit this place to capture some gram-worthy photos.

I am unsure if these bougainvillaeas are part of the rooftop garden, or if a resident planted them, but they make for a good background for a photo.

Address: 78B Toa Payoh, Singapore 312078

8. 440 Fernvale Link

The main space of the rooftop garden at 440 Fernvale Link narrows down to a maze-like pathway that has well-kept vegetations on both sides of each pathway. This spot is near my humble enclave and spans over a large area. Many times a week, I would bring my dog here and let him run freely.

One of the more iconic plantations at this rooftop garden that sets it apart from other rooftop gardens on this list is the tree that reminds me of Christmas or winter.

Address: 440 Fernvale Link, Singapore 793440

9. Blk 890 Tampines Ave 1

Located just opposite Temasek Polytechnic, this rooftop garden is a hangout spot for the students after school. I remember coming here with my friends after having dinner in the area and staying until the wee hours of the night.

Aside from this place holding many fond memories of my polytechnic days, the yellow HDB blocks also make for yet another nice backdrop to take photos at amongst the bushes.

Address: 890 Tampines Ave 1, Singapore 520890

10. The Pinnacle@Duxton

Of course, I wouldn’t miss out one of the most iconic rooftop gardens our country has to offer- the rooftop garden at The Pinnacle@Duxton. The 26th and 50th level of the skyscraper feature two of the world’s longest sky gardens of 500m each. While the 26th floor of the building is solely for residents, the 50th floor of the skyscraper can be accessed by the public for a fee of S$6.

You won’t be able to expect a lot of flowers or greenery in this area as compared to the other rooftop gardens. Instead, you will be treated to a magnificent view of Singapore’s skyline.

However, this is the only rooftop garden on this list that you cannot access 24/7. I recommend going around 6 pm to catch the sun setting. Take plenty of photos when the sky is still bright for that au naturel lighting plus gazillions of sunset pictures between 6.30 pm to 7 pm—or not. People might say the best way to capture the picturesque sunset is without a camera and simply bask in it.


Entry timing: 9am – 9pm daily

Address: Pinnacle @ Duxton, 1G Cantonment Rd, Singapore 085301

Of course, the park near your home may not be on this list because it is impossible to traverse the whole of Singapore and come up with a comprehensive list of all the rooftop gardens. As Singapore progresses as a garden city, I am sure that more of these parks will emerge. Not only do these parks serve as our country’s way of upkeeping sustainable development, but they are also great recreational spaces for residents.

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