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Village Resort Amongst The Mist 1800m Above Sea Level At Ban Rak Thai Village

The idea of sleeping outdoors among the greenery only reminds me of my army days, lying on wet and muddy ground. Never would I have thought that there is a resort in Thailand that has an exquisite view of lush greenery and an equally great view of the mountainside among the mist.

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Ban Rak Thai is a village located in the northern Mae Hong Son province of Thailand and for those seeking an adventure away from the commercialised district of Bangkok, this is the place for you to take note of. Located high up a mountainous area, about 1,800 metres higher than sea level, panoramic and breathtaking views will greet you and your camera here.

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There’s also a tea plantation that surrounds this entire village as a popular attraction where you can try your hand at harvesting tea leaves. Ban Rak Thai village is well-known among the locals in Thailand for their top quality tea produce.

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Alternatively, you can spend some time at lowlands, have a leisurely walk around the lake and enjoy tranquillity of the simple life.

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Most of the tourist accommodations here are constructed from traditional materials of mud and straw where you can get an authentic village living experience. Located amongst hillside tea plantations, you will be able to see farmers harvesting tea leaves from close proximity while enjoying the view of the lake.

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For those seeking a little more adventure, there are outdoor shelters available for you to set up and have a camping session instead. Waking up to see the sunrise shrouded in a cloud of mist over the lake— surely an unforgettable experience.

Look forward to planning a trip to experience nature like never before, it’s rare to actually find such untouched places that disconnect us from the hectic and commercialised districts.

Ban Rak Thai Village: Area 6, Mhok Cham Pae District, Muang County, Mae Hong Son Province | +66 86 118 2067

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