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Get An Unusual Picture Of A Mountain Amidst The Concrete Jungle Of Singapore

If there was one thing I wish I could do, it’s to take a road trip somewhere picturesque with my mates. Going through the countryside, watching the clouds roll over the mountains and landscapes.

But being in Singapore, this will merely remain a dream for most. Great sights of Mother Nature are hard to come by in our concrete jungle.

Which is why I was so surprised when I stumbled upon this picture on the Singapore subreddit and quickly browsed through the comments in the thread. The mountain in question is apparently called Gunung Pulai located deep in Johor.

One of its recreational forests has just re-opened to the public after being closed for 15 years due to a mud flood that caused six casualties.

I was so intrigued because, guess what? You can actually get a view of the mountain from Singapore.

Reddit user, soulslicer0, divulged his secret tip and said, “FYI, if you want a really nice shot of the mountain, you can go to the 7 Mandai Link Building (it’s the tallest and most North-Eastern building with rooftop access), and take the lift to the rooftop (it’s open).”

“(You’ll get an) amazing view of the mountain on a clear day”. I had to see it for myself to believe it.

Following the instructions, I found myself at the Mandai Link Building. I then looked for a way upwards and headed towards Block A.

The lift goes all the way up to the tenth floor and that was where I exited. Climbing the fire escape stairwell up two flights led me to a small landing where I had ample space to work.

And there it was — amidst the clouds and heavy downpour across the border — a faint silhouette of the mountain in all its glory. Well, the weather was not on my side and I can imagine getting a far more glorious view in better weather.

Don’t make the same mistake as me and remember to check the weather forecast before making your trip there, and do note that you’ll need a pretty good lens for that zoom.

If you’re up for checking out something that you don’t see every day… you’re welcome.

View of Gunung Pulai from Singapore: Mandai Connection, 7 Mandai Link Building, Singapore 728653

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