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| On 2 years ago

10 Neon Signs In Singapore That’ll Light Up Your Instagram Feed

Instagram curating is no easy feat. We know this because we’ve all been there and done that at some point. Coming up with new ideas for picturesque moments that’ll get you your likes is an art that most of us (secretly) struggle with.

So hey all you millennials and potential social influencers, why not let us give you a hand or two? We promise to make your pictures look pretty.

With the multitude of photo editing apps available today, anyone can make pictures look great. All you have to do is to get snapping with your smart phones. But taking fancy pictures in the dark with vibrant neon signs… now that’s what we call a game changer.

We know you’re all ready to pimp up your social media feed. So here’s a list of 10 neon signs in Singapore that’s going to add that magical spark to your Instagram visual kaleidoscope.

1. 重庆烤鱼 Chong Qing Grilled Fish @ Serangoon Gardens

We were getting our supper fix when we chanced upon this neon sign. It’s located directly outside the store. The best part? You’ll have the neon sign all to yourself.

Take all the time you need to get that perfect shot. The words “Chong Qing Grilled Fish” might look slightly random on your feed, but random is cool, right?

重庆烤鱼 Chong Qing Grilled Fish: #01-60 Serangoon Gardens, 2 Maju Avenue, Singapore 556680

2. Lucky Bar

This bespoke cocktail bar has got some pretty impressive aesthetics going on. Check out the whimsical neon sign above your heads as you partake in a couple of yummy cocktails.

Hop over to the back alley after and you’ll find another street-inspired neon sign. You’ll be able to get photos with a drastically different vibe here.

Lucky Bar: 243 Holland Ave, Singapore 278977

3. A Juicery

If you’re looking for neon signs and lights, this is one store that will tick all the boxes.

Not only is A Juicery all decked out in millennial pink, it boasts several pretty neon lights fixed up for your perfect Instagram moment. Colourful juices, fun vibes and 10/10 aesthetics, what more could you want?

A Juicery: 21 Lor Telok, Singapore 049033

4. Mojo

It’s hard to miss this latest addition to the bar scene along Telok Ayer Street. You’ll find quite a crowd at Mojo, even on a weekday night.

You’ve probably already seen this sign somewhere on your Instagram feed – the classic pink neon glow. Time for you to join the crowd!

Mojo: 204 Telok Ayer St, Singapore 068640

5. Central Perk Cafe

This might well be one of our favourite spots in Singapore to get picturesque photos of neon signs. Central Perk Cafe has got quite a fancy setup, which is great if you’re looking for unique photo opportunities.

Getting the ideal shot though, did require us to work with our creativity. Some of the signs are fixed up in a narrow space between a glass display and a partition. We literally had to squeeze ourselves in there for a good picture.

Then again, all that matters is the final photo…

Central Perk Cafe: 1 Magazine Road, Central Mall #01-01, Singapore 059567

6. Ground Zero

Neon signs are awesome on their own, but how about working out to flashing neon lights and heart-pumping hits?

This boutique gym is about to blow your mind with its workout rooms. There are neon lights on the ground, the walls, everywhere. Working out has never been this fun, and we all love a good gym selfie.

Ground Zero: Level 3, 38 Carpenter Street, Singapore 059917

7. Shop Wonderland Cafe

Perhaps you’re wondering what’s up with the neon sign. ‘Flowers upstairs’ might sound like another total random phrase but this cafe has literally got flowers upstairs.

Located directly above this quaint garden-inspired cafe is a floral studio where you can pick up the art of flower arrangement. Talk about staying true to the theme!

Shop Wonderland Cafe: 134 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068600

8. Sluviche

Now, this is one establishment that provides a new take on the phrase “go hard or go home”. Sluviche along Keong Saik Road is where you want to be prior to a big night out.

We can’t help but approve of the sassy neon sign which would make any (drunk) photo 20 times better.

Sluviche: 17A Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089124

9. Finders Keepers Bar

While most neon signs that you can find in Singapore are really just lit in a mono-colour scheme, you’ll find this particular one at Finders Keepers quite striking with its contrasting reds and blues. That’s what we call a fancy neon sign.

Getting a photo in front of this is a breeze as there’s a huge space that you can work around with to get the right angle.

Finders Keepers Bar: 2 Craig Rd, Singapore 089662

10. Muchachos

We’ve left the best for last.

This final neon sign certainly caught our eye with its massive depiction of a badass skull. The Mexican diner that put it up has also got graffiti-inspired decor inside, making for all kinds of good photos.

Attempt a street hypebeast-style shot by posing right in front, with an equally badass expression.

Muchachos: 22 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089129

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Are you ready to light up your ‘gram?

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