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First Look At The Google Nest Hub, Now In S’pore For S$189 +Free Mi Home Camera

For those of us who own a Google Home device, “Hey Google,” may be the words we say the most at home. But your Google Home experience is about to get better.

On 25 June 2019, Google Singapore launched the Google Nest Hub, an upgraded version of the Google Home.

I was invited down for the Singapore preview of the Google Nest Hub and got introduced to some of its key features.

The Google Nest Hub is available at all Singapore Courts and Challenger stores, M1, as well as the Google online store for a promotional price of S$189 (U.P S$254).

Credit – Google

The device is available in two colours, chalk and charcoal, and unlike the Google Home, the Google Nest Hub comes with a smart display- which makes it all the more perfect for your home. Let me tell you why.

Start Your Morning Right

Credit – Google

All you have to do once you’ve configured the Google Nest Hub, is to say “good morning” and you will be able to see your schedule, commute, weather, and headline news.

Stream Video Content

The Google Nest is compatible with YouTube, Spotify as well as Netflix. You can command it to open these apps and stream video content on the device or on your television with Chromecast. You can even choose the show and episode to play with just your voice, and adjust the volume.

How To Cook For Dummies

Credit – Google

Simply search for your favourite recipes by asking Google with your voice, and a series of recipes will pop up. Select which recipe you want either by tapping the screen or with your voice.

Say “Start cooking” and Google will display the first step of the recipe. Buttery fingers preventing you from tapping the screen for the next step? Simply ask for the next step with your voice. Need to convert cups into millilitres? Simply ask and you shall be given.

Surround Sound

There’s no reason for you put your old Google Home into storage once you’ve purchased the Google Nest. Simply pair both devices together, and when you ask Google to play your favourite hit songs on all speakers, be wow-ed by the synchronised music that will be playing all around you.

The Perfect Photo Frame

Credit – Google

Relive your holiday memories by asking Google to play you your photos from your travel trip. If you have new photos to add to the album, you do not have to manually add your photos into the device. With Google Photos, your new photos are automatically added and Google Nest will display it as a slide show.

Going to Bed

Whether you like to binge-watch shoes before bed or listen to mellow songs to end off your day, closing all these applications can be done with just your voice as well. Simply say “good night”, and your compatible television and lights will turn off. Your curtains will be drawn as well. The light on the device will also dim to aid you in your sleep.

Not Just For One Person

The Google Nest Hub is able to recognise voices and cater its services to each individual person in the household, so all of the features above can be enjoyed by up to 6 people in your home.

As if the Google Nest Hub features weren’t good enough, the purchase of this device at any of the participating retail stores (M1, Challenger, Courts) also comes with a free Mi Home Security Camera 360 1080P (limited promotion) which you can pair with your Google Nest Hub and view remotely from.

If you choose to purchase this device online at the Google store, you will get a free Chromecast instead.

Hurry and get yours today, it will truly be an invaluable addition to your household especially with the very affordable promotional price now.

Price: S$189

Google Nest Hub: Website | All Singapore M1, Challenger and Courts Stores

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