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| On 1 year ago

Glamping Singapore: Order A Hipster Picnic That Is As Pretty As A Picture For Your Parties & Dates

Glamping Singapore is a start-up company that offers packages that help you camp or have a picnic wherever you’d like to in Singapore, without any of the fuss or planning that you would normally have to go through.

With a few hundred dollars (prices start at $300), everything is covered — from the set-up to the decor, food, and even the clean-up!

Though glamping is technically ‘glamorous camping’, it doesn’t necessarily have to take place outdoors. You can have it indoors, on a balcony, or even by the poolside. It’s a really unique way to have a birthday party, tea session, or even a romantic date.

A standard package comes with all the picnic-related paraphernalia such as picnic mats, cutlery, bottles, cushions, etc. There is even a small teepee included, as well as miscellaneous decorations such as fairy lights, lanterns, and decorative flowers.

The amount of effort that goes into the decorations is really commendable. I loved all the small touches such as the tealight candles that can be lit up if you wish, and the little signboard that they even customise depending on what event you’re having.

There’s even a proper picnic basket included, with leather straps to hold your cutlery in place.

Food is not included in the package, but Glamping Singapore can offer fuss-free catering based on your food preferences for an additional cost.

In addition to the Instagrammable chopping boards and cake stands which are provided for you to display your food, there are cute wooden log coasters, patterned napkins, and cutlery that all follow the same colour scheme.

We really enjoyed our glamping session thoroughly, and felt a little bit like tai tais as we nibbled on our chocolate-coated strawberries and sipped chilled juice from glass bottles.

Glamping is the perfect way to throw a birthday picnic, impress your partner, or to simply kick back with your friends.

It’s still a pretty new and unique concept in Singapore, so you should try surprising your friend or loved one soon before it becomes too mainstream!

To have your very own glamping experience, email Glamping Singapore at glamping.sg@gmail.com.

Prices: Start at $300 for 2 pax (food not included in base price)

Glamping Singapore: Facebook | Instagram

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