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GE2020: Grab Opposition Party Merchandise & Rally In Style

We live in the democratic society with a multi-party political system. As election fever is quickly catching on, check out the efforts by these opposition parties to garner support through none other than the sale of fetching merchandise.

Workers’ Party (WP)

Workers’ Party, one of the most prominent opposition parties in Singapore, is selling their merchandise online now.

Credit – The Workers’ Party Online Store

One of the downside in this year’s general elections is the lack of live campaign and rallies vibes. Still though, you can bring the election atmosphere into your household with these custom merchandise.

WP’s GE2020 merchandise consists of the WP flag, foldable umbrella, long handle umbrella, tote bag, cap, as well as WP60 book titled “Walking With Singapore”.

GE 2020 Collection Bundle S$59.90
WP Flag S$3
WP Flag (A bundle of 5) S$10
Compact Foldable Umbrella with WP Logo S$13
Long Handle Umbrella with WP Logo S$16
Classic Cap (Unisex) S$15
GE Tote Bag S$20

These merchandises are dressed in shades of blue with the party’s iconic logo—a hammer—printed on them.

The Story Behind the Hammer

In the beginning, the party’s publication—called The Hammer—was distributed in the heartlands in return for a small remuneration to raise funds and help sustain the party.

Credit – The Workers’ Party

Over the years, the Hammer has been the party’s primary outreach organ and also a symbol of ‘camaraderie’ and ‘discipline’ amongst the members. It also expresses the party’s aim to “meet with Singaporeans to better understand their needs and aspirations”.

Credit – The Workers’ Party

The proceeds from the purchase of their products go to their GE campaign efforts to represent the voices of Singaporeans in Parliament.

Buy here.

Singapore Democratic Party

Credit – Singapore Democratic Party

Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), the party well-known for their member Mr Chee Soon Juan, is selling their merchandise too. Besides the usual merch, they are also selling books written by Mr Chee himself.

The Way Forward (SDP's Manifesto) S$42
SDP Mug (Event Exclusive) S$10
Never on Bended Knees (2019) S$33 or S$55 (hardcover)
Democratically Speaking (2012) S$33
The Rule of Law in the 21st Century: A Worldwide Perspective (2016) S$103
The Power of Courage: Effecting political change through Non-violence (2005) S$12
A Nation Cheated (2008) S$14
Share Save Teacher, Thinker, Rebel, Why? Portraits of Chee Soon Juan (2015) S$22
Danny the Democracy Bear S$22 (each)

Curious to hear more from his recount as a political activist? Head over to the SDP store now.

Progress Singapore Party

It has been a mere three days since the writ of election has been issued and Progress Singapore Party (PSP) has already been getting ample media coverage. Check out their adorable otter mascots.

Credit – Progress Singapore Party

It is unsure if the otters will be put up for sale yet, so do check out their social media page for updates.

Credit – Progress Singapore Party

Reform Party

We found some merchandise from the Reform Party as well.

Credit – The Reform Party

The yellow umbrella reminds me of the symbol of “The Mother” in How I Met Your Mother. Do check out the party’s site if you wish to show your support.

Buy here.

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