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Get Your Hands On G-Dragon’s PEACEMINUSONE 2018 Collection Before It Sells Out

You’re my heart heart heart heart heart heartbreaker ~

Yes, that’s exactly what I thought when I found out that the ultimate K-pop sensation, G-Dragon, has launched his PEACEMINUSONE Spring/Summer 2018 Collection – and so many of the items have already sold out. 

The entire collection is literally a reflection of G-Dragon’s very own style, which is no wonder why it’s so popular. You now finally have the chance to dress like your favourite K-pop star in his signature oversized hoodies, bucket hats and even the bulldog clips.

G-Dragon is known for his fancy fashionista ways, so it’s only natural that you’ll find some of the apparel in striking colours like neon green, yellow and electric blue. Eye-catching, that’s for sure.

See something that catches your eye? Then hurry up and get your hands on it, or start praying that stuff re-stocks soon! 

G Dragon’s PEACEMINUSONE Spring/Summer 2018 Collection: Website

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