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Flying Face Is Instagram’s Latest Secret Filter Game Everyone Is Playing (+How To Unlock)

Flying Face is Instagram’s new secret filter game secretly rolled out and created by Instagram user @dvoshansky. It is a similar take on the famous 2013 cult game Flappy Bird, which people went crazy over.

Everyone around me was playing it, getting high scores constantly and having fun. I tried playing the original Flappy Bird, and I failed miserably (my best score was literally one). So hopefully, I am better at controlling this annoying bird with my eyes.

How To Download The Flying Face Filter

Unlike other Instagram filters that come with the app, the Flying Face filter game needs to be downloaded manually. Just follow @dvoshansky on Instagram and you’ll be able to access the game, or you can click this filter link to download it on your mobile device.

On top of that, if you see your friends playing Flappy Face on their Instagram stories, simply click on the filter name “FLYING FACE” which will appear under the person’s IG username. This will help you gain access to the game as well.

Trying Out Flying Face Attempt #1

Resembling Flappy Bird, Flying Face has a retro style pixel art graphic with your profile attached to the bird’s face. Each blink helps to bump the bird up, if not it continuously falls. Your goal is to navigate through the various pipes as the bird flies forward.

The more you blink, the higher the bird will go. As you can tell, I was having problems, as anticipated. I mean come on, the quicker you blink, the less you see. I failed countless times.

Attempt #2

FI-NA-LLY. A point. Wow, what a moment to be alive.  This was literally my reaction to finally getting a point. From getting this one point I guess I could understand how this game can be a tad addictive.

After getting a point, I felt great. Unstoppable even.

…I was wrong. I tried to double my score but I just couldn’t. Some players have gotten over 200 and I really cannot understand how someone can blink so precisely.

I asked my friends to try it out too, and I think the pictures speak for themselves.

This game also supports two players who can play at the same time. If any bird falls, the other continues on.

That’s all I got for this game, if you were great at Flappy Bird then you’re probably going to be great at Flying Face. Probably.

You’re definitely going to do way better than I did. Anyways, I’m exhausted. My eyes are tired. Peace.

Flying Face: Download Filter

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