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These 10 Fashion Sites Give You Cashback As You Shop Online +Free Cashback Via ShopBack Link

Singaporeans like to save on everything we buy. Whether we’re buying groceries or daily necessities, we always aim to get whatever we want for as cheap as possible. So what about clothes? Most of us want to look good while saving money at the same time. Well, here’s good news. You no longer have to wait for a sale on your favourite shopping site to save you a wad of money if you use ShopBack.

Credit – Shopback

I am sure most of you have heard of the cashback platform ShopBack. Like some of you out there, I too initially thought that this platform was too convenient and too good to be true.

How To Use ShopBack

To use Shopback, you first need to open the app or visit the website. Proceed to sign up, and shortly after, you will be presented with an exhaustive list of websites that offer cashback. Cashback is basically what its name suggests– spend a certain amount, and get a portion of it back. Easy.


Credit – Shopback

Credit – Shopback

Click on a site and it will then link you to a page where you can see all the promotions that the website offers. Select the one you are interested in and you will be brought to the website of your choice in another tab. To enjoy cashback, remember to stay in that tab and make your purchases. If you close the tab the cashback doesn’t register since it needs to be re-directed from Shopback.

Credit – Shopback

Credit – Shopback

After checking out, and making the payment, the money you’ve earned from the cashback will be reflected on your Shopback summary. Once you’ve reached S$10, you will be able to cash out this amount directly into your bank account. Simple? I didn’t know it was this easy until I tried it myself. If only my younger shopaholic self knew about this.

There are many online stores that are compatible with this function. In fact, there’s even a Chrome extension that you can use. With that out of the way, here are 10 fashion websites which offer Shopback.

1. asos

Credit – ASOS

This website/application is something I am sure most of you use or have heard of before. During sales periods, many of us flock to asos to grab ourselves some steals. But did you know, you can make those deals even sweeter with cashback? asos offers a 3.5% cashback, which, though it might seem small, will definitely add up when you buy in bulk during their sales periods.

asos: Website | Shopback deals



For designer items, FARFETCH is the go-to place for many. And that’s where the 3% cashback it offers comes in handy. Let’s say you purchase this pair of Balenciaga’s Triple S sneakers. With the cashback, you will receive S$39.90. Going back to the rule of being able to cash out once you have S$10, you can immediately cash out this amount with just one purchase.

FARFETCH: Website | Shopback deals

3. Shopee

Credit – Shopee

Unlike the many other sites in this list, to enjoy cashback on Shopee, you must use the Shopee app. With Shopback, you are able to earn up to 8% cashback when you purchase on Shopee. While you can buy a wide range of products that are not limited to fashion on Shopee, do note that this offer is not valid for items under the miscellaneous, tickets and vouchers categories.

Shopee app: Shopee Deals On Shopback | iOS | Android

4. HBX

Credit – HBX

Offering a good mix of affordable and expensive designer items, HBX is a go-to place for those of us in search of hype fashion items. Similar to FARFETCH, you are able to enjoy a sizable amount back in your bank account as with their 4% cashback on regular-priced items and 1% cashback on sale items. Do note that you are unable to enjoy cashback on marketplace items.

HBX: Website | Shopback deals

5. JD Sports

Credit – jD Sports Singapore

The “undisputed king of trainers” offers cashback as well, and cashback will definitely come in handy if you’re a shoe collector just like myself. jD Sports offers a 5% cashback on regular priced items and 1% cashback on sales items. Considering how most sneakers cost an upwards of S$100, you’ll definitely get an amount which you can cash out easily.

JD Sports: Website | Shopback deals


Credit – ZAFUL

Ladies, here’s a deal you might want to check out. ZAFUL offers a full 10% cashback when you shop on the website. Do note that the cashback is only eligible for purchases made on their website and not on their mobile app. Also, take note that there is no cashback on gift card purchases.

ZAFUL: Website | Shopback deals

7. Lazada

Credit – Lazada

On the Lazada app, you are eligible for a 4% cashback on fashion items limited to S$3 if you are an existing user, and 10% cashback up to S$22 if you are a new user. Just like Shopee, you aren’t limited to the fashion and beauty category as well. You can enjoy cashback on groceries, baby products as well as electronics when you use the app.

Lazada: iOS | Android

8. Taobao

Credit – Taobao

Yes. You love Taobao. We get it. I too am guilty of overflowing my wardrobe with items from this site. But did you know, as affordable as Taobao already is, you can still get cashback from your purchases?

Credit – Shopback/Taobao

Taobao works differently from all the other sites on the list in that instead of redirecting you to the Taobao website directly, clicking on it will bring you to another page in Shopback itself. On this page, you can search for the item you like or choose from one of the many available deals.

Taobao: Website | Shopback deals

9. Zalora

Credit – Zalora

Here’s another shopping platform that many of us use to get branded apparel. While it may be known for its speedy delivery times, did you know that Zalora also has a 3% cashback? This is once again going to come in really handy when you buy from them during sales periods.

Zalora: Website | Shopback deals

10. CHOiES

Credit –

Ladies, here is another website with great cashback value. When you shop on CHOiES, you will receive a whopping 10% cashback. During a sale, clothes are priced to as low as S$20. Having cashback with this website is really having more bang for your buck.

CHOiES: Website | Shopback deals

Get S$5 Free ShopBack Cashback Via This Link

You can get S$5 FREE cashback too just by signing up via our link if this is your first time using Shopback.

Of course, the shops above are not the only online sites that offer cashback. Shopback offers cashback for over 500 websites, and they span across many categories other than fashion such as beauty, electronics, hotel bookings and even plane tickets. For a full list of websites that offer cashback, do check out Shopback’s website to find out more.

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