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Japan’s Pokemon Cord Keepers Guaranteed To Keep Your Cables In Check

As I’m typing this, my table’s a mess of entangled laptop and phone charging cables. How apt of me to be writing about cord keepers.

Candy toy manufacturer Re-ment released these functional yet adorable Pokemon cord keepers that can be attached to any charging cable.

Not only can it hold your cable in place, it still makes your desk visually appealing with these little pops of Pokemon cheer.

There are eight different Pokemon cord keepers to choose from (or you can buy all of them if you want to!).

Choose from Caterpie, Pikachu, Eevee, Swinub, Growlithe (my personal favourite!), Tangela, Slowpoke and Mareep.

It’s like picking your starter Pokemon without the commitment because you can get more than one!

Each figurine has a hole for you to conveniently slide the cable through it. You can even use these cord keepers to prevent your phone cables from splitting. It beats using tape to stick your cable ends, doesn’t it?

Re-ment ships worldwide via Amazon Japan. All Pokemon products carried via Amazon Japan are authentic.

I should really get myself the entire collection of Pokemon cord keepers to keep my life in check since I can’t keep actual Pokemon. I can finally pretend that I’m one step closer to actually being organised.

Pokemon Cord Keepers | Website

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