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| On 2 years ago

Farmart: Animal Feeding & Rustic Relaxation In the West Of Singapore

Did you know that we have pet-centred farms in Singapore? Farms are no longer merely a source of animal products, but an area where you can get up close to domestic critters, and one such place is none other than at Farmart Centre.

Admission to the farm is absolutely free, a big plus point to people on the lookout for unusual and inexpensive outing ideas. Open from 9am to 1pm on weekdays, and 9.30am to 6pm on weekends, you can drop by to engage in all that Farmart Centre has to offer.

As it’s located in a secluded area and the nearest bus stop is about a 15-minute walk away, we recommend going on weekends or public holidays when there’s a shuttle bus service available.

Here’s a guide to let you have an idea of what you’re in for.

Be Amazed At Animal Quirks

We suggest you head to the Animal Corner first as most of the action takes place there. Meet the great wall of terrapin, made up of sunbathing reptiles escaping the cold water.

You’ll get to see them jostle for space, sometimes in “Tetris” style, when they stack on top of each other in a bid to get some precious sunlight.

Bullfrogs are named as such because of their distinct call, which sounds like a cow’s moo.

Family-friendly explanation: don’t worry kiddos, they’re just hugging.. Aren’t they sweet?

You’ll find them sitting extremely still and reluctant to move unless food is given to them. Or if they’re up to other recreational activities.

Feed The Farm Animals

For $5, you can get a basket of food to feed the animals at the Animal Corner. They’re extremely intelligent and will gather when they see you approaching with yummy goodies.

The most unusual of all the animals would probably be the goats; how often do you get a chance to meet them in Singapore?

You’ll even get to feed a variety of parrots, some of which will speak and whistle to you. They can’t be photographed but we’ll have you know that they’re extremely responsive, and are very gentle when picking seeds from your hands with their beaks.

Go Prawning

Catch them all by yourself at Farmart Centre’s very own prawn pond. With fishing rods and chairs provided for you, all you have to do is show up and rent the equipment to start catching your prawns.

This isn’t an activity to expect instant rewards from, it’s closer to a game of patience than anything else.

One hour of prawning will cost you $18, while two hours will cost $28. In essence, the longer you intend to spend there, the lower the cost of each hour. How about trying a marathon of 10 hours for $100?

Grab A Bite

Farmart Centre supplies barbecue pits for guests to grill their prawns on the spot. There’s nothing like a good cookout to follow a day of slow-paced fishing if that’s your type of relaxation.

Otherwise, there are stores selling satay, seafood and even chicken wings for you to feed those hunger pangs after the day of activities.

The individual opening hours of the outlets may vary, especially during public holidays, so to better plan your excursion, we suggest you contact them prior to your visit.

Stock Up On Pet Supplies

At Farmart Centre, you’ll find a few pet supply stores, such as Superpets. With the wide range of products on sale, you can grab most, if not all, of your pet’s needs in one convenient place. They sell items from Singapore, Japan, Russia and more!

Superpets even runs a Happy Cats Play Room, which is a playground for cats, exclusively for their members.

— —

A trip to Farmart Centre is enjoyable and rewarding for both kids, and the kid in us that refuses to grow old. Check out more from our Farmart experience here:

Farmart Centre: 67 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699008 | Opening Hours (Animal Feeding): 9am – 1pm on Weekdays, 9.30am – 6pm on Weekends, 9am – 4pm on School Holidays | Tel: +65 6767 0070 | Website | Facebook

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