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| On 4 years ago

Explorest: This App Reveals The Exact Locations To Take Photos Of Singapore’s Most Beautiful Places

Hurray! No more wandering around aimlessly looking for the location of the picturesque photo of Singapore you saw on social media.

Introducing Explorest, a first-of-its-kind application that helps travellers discover, access and photograph jaw-dropping sights of the Lion City, by browsing through a compilation of the most scenic places taken by other photographers.

The app provides you with location insights, which include precise GPS coordinates, recommended visiting times, photo specs, weather details and even the exact spot where the photographer stood to help you achieve the same photo — basically, everything you’ll need to know to capture the perfect moment!

These days, everyone is a photographer in some regard. Plus sharing is caring, so download Explorest from the Apple Store today and share these special moments with your loved ones.

For now, the app is only limited to the locations around Singapore, but we can’t wait for it to expand to other regions!

Prices: Fixed subscription price of US1.99/mth (approx. SGD2.70) or US11.99/year (approx. SGD16.30)

Explorest App: Download | Website

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