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| On 3 years ago

Eyebrow Stamp: This Three-Second Beauty Hack Is A Hit Or A Miss Even With Lazy Girls

Another day, another quirky eyebrow product. If you’re a lazy girl with no patience to sit around for an hour for the Yurica Eyebrow Tattoo Pen to work its magic, this beauty hack may be just what you’re looking for.

“Eyebrows are sisters not twins.” Well, with the eyebrow stamp, they sure can be twins. Also originating from South Korea, this eyebrow product is for the missus who wants perfectly symmetrical eyebrows but has no time to waste.

There are many brands out there but I ordered from KISSME because the brand has a Dual Colour Set which offers a more varied look. The box proudly proclaims that you only need three seconds to get the brows of your dreams.

The written instructions on the back of the box are in Korean and Chinese, but fret not, as there are pictures of the steps. The application is not rocket science so I’m sure you’ll do just fine even without any help.

I opened the box to two sets of eyebrow shaped stamps, which have a clear and hard plastic packaging with foam forming the shape of the stamps. The ones on the left are called “Straight Style” and the ones on the right are called “Korean Style”.

The difference between the two is that the latter has a greater arch, so pick that if you are want your brows to look more defined at the end point.

The powder set can be found under one of the stamps. Since this is the Dual Colour Set, the eyebrow powder is divided into two segments in a small compact.

A tiny brush applicator is provided too and it most likely will give you a cramp in your hand so you should use your own angled brow brush.

1. Dark Brown Powder & Korean Style

I decided to try out the dark brown powder first, along with the “Korean Style” stamps. You have to press the foam on the powder several times before there is enough powder on the stamp.

This is how the foam looks like before you apply it to your brows. It may seem a little faint in the picture but this is actually the right amount of powder on the foam.

If the foam becomes completely brown, you’ve gone a little overboard. Overcoating the foam with eyebrow powder will only make your brows look unnatural, so do try to avoid that.

As you can see, mistakes were made. Using the eyebrow stamp is definitely harder than it looks and the picture above depicts another failed attempt. I struggled to get the ending point right this time round.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts, I successfully stamped both my eyebrows. Then, I used the tiny brush given to brush the starting point to make it look more even.

My victory pose

Every time I successfully stamped my brows, I was filled with an overwhelming sense of pride. It was that hard.

Final look for Dark Brown Powder & “Korean Style”

If you have dark brows, the “Korean Style” stamp may make the application process harder since you are likely to face difficulty aligning the stamp’s ending point with your own. I would recommend the “Korean Style” if your brows are super faint because it will give you a nice shape.

2. Grey Black Powder & Straight Brow Style

After trying the Dark Brown Powder and “Korean Style” look, I was more prepared and knew how to better execute the steps for the Grey Black Powder and “Straight Brow Style”.

I expected to like this eyebrow style less because it appeared too straight for my liking. I was excited to test out the Grey Black Powder though, because I am always on the fence about whether Dark Brown or Grey Black is better for natural-looking Asian brows.

This time round, I had better luck with the stamping and managed to get the brows stamped successfully after one to two tries for each eyebrow. The particular stamp style is the main reason why I was able to get it done more quickly.

People who struggle with their aim should definitely use the “Straight Brow Style” so that there’s less room for error since the ending point is less arched. You can always fill your ending point in with the brush (although the purpose of the stamp is so that you don’t have to draw any part of the brow yourself).

Final look for Grey Black Powder & Straight Brow Style

I preferred the second combination to the first since it is lighter and looks more natural on me, but do go for the Dark Brown Powder if you like rocking bold brows!


This eyebrow product is definitely a hit or a miss even with lazy girls (like me) as I am always rushing for time when I am applying my makeup in the morning.

Using this stamp is rather risky and you may end up frustrated if you have to waste time stamping and correcting your aim multiple times, but if you’re desperate and can master the stamping process, it could work for you!

Price: S$10.90 (S$12.80 including shipping fees)

KISSME Dual Colour Eyebrow Stamp: Available online at Qoo10

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