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Emoji Face Mask: Treatment Masks From Taiwan Came Out Creepier Than Expected

I’ve been seeing emoji face cushions around, but face masks? That’s just downright creepy.

Apparently, a Taiwan-based skincare brand named Petite Amie Skincare created six different emoji masks, including the heart-shaped eye emoji (Love Masque), the angry red face emoji (Cooling Masque), and the sunglasses swag face emoji (Chilling Masque).

Most of the masks provide deep moisture and hydration to your face and are suitable for all skin types.

There is even the scared face emoji (Scream Masque) with an extra-lifting face treatment.

It is selling for S$14 – S$17 per piece, not inclusive of shipping. That is insane for a single mask! Would you fork out that amount to scare your friends?

Price: S$14 – S$17 per piece

Petite Amie Skincare: Website | Emoji Masque

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