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| On 2 years ago

10 Easy Team Building Activities In Singapore All Your Colleagues Can Partake In

We’ve all been there before. Your boss asks you, the most energetic and youthful guy in the office to plan the company’s next team building event. You’ve suggested things like laser tag and paintball, but your middle-aged colleagues aren’t exactly on board. Management doesn’t want to risk any injuries either.

Wah, I scared shag leh.”

“We not young like you, don’t have this kind of energy.”

Believe me, I’ve heard these words too many times. That’s why I am going to help you with this list of easy team bonding activities to do in Singapore, which will be suitable for colleagues of all ages and provide appropriate fun for everyone.

1. Go Prawning

Credit – Prawning at Orto FB

Credit – Prawning at Orto FB

Need a team bonding event which comes with food as well? Prawning at ORTO may be the perfect activity for just that. All you have to do is place the bait on your rod and then cast it into the water. While you are waiting for the prawn to take the bait, spend that time talking to your team and really get to know them. After your session, your company can grill the caught prawns and enjoy a snack together.

Credit – Prawning at Orto FB

A 2-hour group session at ORTO for two hours starts at S$840 and 30 people can take part. Starting from S$1020, you and your team can enjoy customized prawning games- some of the prawns will have tags attached to them which can be redeemed for different prizes.

Prawning @ ORTO: 81 Lorong Chencharu, Singapore 769198  | Website | Tel: 6257 8858  | email: events@orto.sg

2. Compete In A Cook-Off

Credit – Kitchen Showdown FB

Your older colleagues say that people in your generation do not know how to cook, so here’s the perfect chance for you to prove them wrong.

Credit – Kitchen Showdown FB

At Kitchen Showdown, your company can choose from a series of culinary challenges such as “The Amazing Race”, where participants will have to race to the supermarket to purchase ingredients for their recipes, or “The Pizza Perfecto” where you will be making your own pizza from scratch.

Credit – Kitchen Showdown FB

At Kitchen Showdown, you and your colleagues can have the chance to face off ‘Masterchef’ style- with time limits and even judges to determine who the better chef is. If you truly do not know how to cook, don’t worry as there will be guidance from actual chefs, making this activity stress-free and truly suitable for all.

Kitchen Showdown: 75A Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088496 | Website | Tel: +65 81980873 / +65 9761 8717 | email: info@kitchenshowdown.com.sg

3. Sing Karaoke And Have A Buffet

Karaoke might be a fun activity to do with our friends over the weekend, but who says you can’t do it as a team-building activity?

Credit – Manekineko Singapore

Credit – Manekineko Singapore FB

At Manekineko Singapore which is managed by Koshidaka, you may book karaoke rooms for up to 60 people, some of which even come with pool tables should you need a break from all that singing. You can also opt for a buffet as well, making it a two-in-one activity where you can both eat and take part in an activity.

Credit – Manekineko

I like to believe that there are no age limits to music. Sing along with your colleagues to old-but-gold Chinese songs, and you may even be surprised to find that your older colleagues know the lyrics to the latest pop songs that you are into. You know what they say, music can transcend all boundaries.

Manekineko Singapore:Various locations on Website | Tel: 6837 3003| Contact

4. Play Mini Golf While Drinking

Credit – Holey Moley FB

It might be overkill to book an entire 18-hole golf course for the company to play golf as a team-building activity. And there’s that issue with golfing equipment- not everyone has it. So why not enjoy a game of mini-golf instead?

Credit – Holey Moley FB

At Holey Moley, you can enjoy 27 different golf holes from varying themes such as Game of Thrones and Monopoly. Their normal team building events run from 12pm – 4pm daily, but if you are looking to truly unwind you can opt for their corporate party package, where you can choose to have free-flow house pour alcoholic beverages for two hours. Packages depends on party size and you’ll need to make an enquiry.

Credit – Holey Moley FB

If you wish, you can even book the entire compound for your company. It is truly a unique experience that combines mini-golf, drinking and food- guaranteed to help you forge a closer bond with your colleagues.

Holey Moley: 3B River Valley Rd, Singapore 179024 | Website | Tel: 3129 0000 | email: info@holeymoley.com.sg

5. Learn Improv

Do you remember watching the popular American variety show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and being wowed at the cast’s ability to think of witty remarks on the spot? Well, you can actually pick up these skills as part of a team-building activity.

Credit – The Improv Company FB

At The Improv Company, you and your colleagues can take part in an improv class, where you’ll have to put your wits to the test.

Credit – The Improv Company FB

Improv may be a great team-building activity as you can pick up skills while having fun with your colleagues at the same time. These skills may prove to be useful in your work life as you can apply what you’ve learnt when presenting or talking with clients.

Who knows, you may find that you’ve become a more humorous person after attending their workshop. Prices start from S$10.

The Improv Company: 62b South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058692 | Website | Tel: +65 8518-4738 | Contact

6. Bowl In A Neon-Lit Alley

Think bowling alleys have to be brightly lit and located inside a SAFRA compound or community centre? You’re wrong.

At K Bowling Club, you might have to do a double-take before you walk in- the place looks more like a nightclub than a bowling alley. Upon entering, you’ll be greeted by dazzling neon lights and the latest radio hits. Music videos will play while you wait for your turn, making waiting for your turn less boring as you can groove to the latest hits from Chris Brown.

While it may primarily be a bowling alley, K Bowling Club also has a variety of entertainment options such as darts, arcade games and karaoke booths. You can even order alcohol to help yourself truly unwind.

If your company is looking to do a traditional activity, K Bowling Club does just that- with a twist, making it a very viable option for your next team building activity.

K Bowling Club: 313 Orchard Road, 313@Somerset, #03-27 | Website | Tel: +65 6737 5313

7. Team Up In Virtual Reality Games

VR games aren’t just for parties. They can be used for team building as well.

Credit- Virtual Room Singapore FB

No matter how big or small your company is, the team at Virtual Room Singapore is able to cater to a fun team-building experience for you, with games that challenge the communication and teamwork of your organisation.

Credit – Virtual Room Singapore FB

If you would like to host a team-building activity, you are able to rent the entire compound. Virtual Room Singapore will also ensure that everyone is engaged at the same time, so there will be no ‘taking turns’ and no one will be sitting on the sideline.

Credit – Virtual Room Singapore FB

A VR game as a company team-building activity is engaging yet not as physically draining at the same time, making it suitable for all ages. Virtual Room Singapore also promises that its games do not cause motion sickness or nausea, which will help you in proposing this activity to your colleagues. Other VR places you can consider include Zero Latency and Sandbox VR.

Virtual Room Singapore: Basement 3, Lucky Chinatown, 211 New Bridge Road Singapore 059432 | Website | Tel: +65 6966 8060| email: singapore@virtual-room.com

8. Solve Mysteries In An Escape Room

Credit – Xscape Singapore FB

If you would like another team-building activity that will put the teamwork ability of your organisation to the test, escape rooms may be the perfect option for you.

Credit – Xscape Singapore FB

At Xscape Singapore, you can choose from up to 10 game themes and 52 game chambers to participate in. Some of which, such as the Shanghai 143 Xscape RPG, will go one step further and give you the opportunity to dress up as characters from that era – truly immersive.

Credit – XScape Singapore

If the size of your company is too big to fit in the traditional escape rooms, fret not as you can opt for an Xcape Go Game, smartphone-enabled city escape game which combines elements of different popular variety shows such as Running Man, Amazing Race and Got Talent.

Credit – Xscape Singapore FB

With such a wide variety of games to take part in, you can definitely find one that suits the needs of your organisation.

Xscape Singapore:  Bugis Village, 161 Rochor Road, S188436 | Website | Tel: +65 6908 1918 | Email: event@xscape.sg

9. Sail Together On A Ship

Credit – Royal Albatross FB

If you’re looking for the most atas team-building event, look no further than sailing together onboard a ship. It’s not a boat, it’s not a yacht, it’s not a ferry, it’s a legit luxury tall ship.

Credit – Royal Albatross

Welcome aboard the Royal Albatross, where you can learn how to hoist a sail or tie a ship knot, both of which require teamwork and a great deal of cooperation. You can opt to solely perform these tasks at dockside which will cost S$20 or S$30 respectively, or you can do it on the ship as part of a two and a half hour cruise, which will cost a whopping S$220 per pax.

Credit – Royal Albatross FB

If you opt to go for the more relaxing cruise option, it will make the perfect R&R session after a tiring week at work. Take in the sea breeze and feel all your worries disappear along with the waves(and a glass of champagne).

The Royal Albatross: 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269 | Website | Tel: +65 9350 7475 | email: info@tallship.com.sg

10. Build Lifestyle Products Together

Credit – Make Your Own

At Make Your Own, you and your colleagues can your creativity and make your very own terrarium either for yourself or as a gift. The class will take 45 minutes to an hour, and all materials are provided.

Credit – Make Your Own FB

If terrariums aren’t your thing, Make Your Own also has a wide assortment of products that you can DIY, such as copper lamps, leather card holders and even your very own ukelele- all of which are not only functional but also make for a great team-building activity together.

Credit – Make Your Own FB

You don’t need any prior skills before attending the workshop. There are two to four skilled instructors at the class who will offer you professional guidance.

Make Your Own: Blk 4 Upper Aljunied Lane #01-06 Singapore 360004 | Website

And there you have it, here are some suggestions for your next team building activity. While some of these activities may be mentally draining, none of them are physically that strenuous so they will make an engaging activity for all ages. In fact, some of them have no age restrictions so if you are planning for a Family Day programme, your colleagues’ kids can join in the fun as well.

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