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Tokyo Now Has A Doraemon Train Station You Seriously Need To Check Out

Everybody loves Doraemon as the classic cartoon character we grew up with, which was mostly translated in Chinese as 小叮当. To pay homage to our favourite feline robot, Noborito train station in South Tokyo recently undergone a total “Doraemon” makeover.

Credit – Spoon Tamago

Noborito station (登戸駅) is run by JR-East and is the nearest station to the Fujiko F.Fujio Museum in Kawasaki, basically a shrine dedicated to the creative team that created Doraemon.

Here’s the station’s new look:

Credit – Soranews24

At the entrance, you are welcomed with familiar hues of blue, red, white and a very signature bell collar.

Credit – Spoon Tamago

Oh look, Doraemon and his friends playfully don the walls of this station.

Credit – Spoon Tamago

Even the unassuming dustbins have sprung to life with a tinge of Doraemon magic.

Credit – Spoon Tamago

This coin locker looks like a machine Doraemon would pull out of his pocket lol.

Credit – Spoon Tamago

Toilet users can differentiate gender sections with the presence of Doraemon (blue) and Dorami (pink).

Credit – Spoon Tamago

With murals like these, you won’t feel so tired of climbing these station’s stairs.

Credit – Spoon Tamago

While waiting for the train, commuters can take a rest on these spacious blue Doraemon seats.

Credit – Spoon Tamago

This pink door should be no stranger to Doraemon fans. Known as the Anywhere Door, this is one of Doraemon’s coolest gadgets which allows you to step in and be transported anywhere in the world – I love how they have ingeniously incorporated it into the stations lift so you can walk through!

With how brilliant the Noborito station looks, I’d expect it to be a tourist hotspot. Next time you are in Tokyo, don’t hesitate to pay Noborito train station a visit and also drop by the Fujiko F.Fujio Museum.

Noborito Station 登戸駅: Noborito 3435, Tama, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan

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