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Official Pokemon Weddings With Pokemon Food Are A Reality In Japan

Themed weddings are kind of the in-thing recently, with couples opting to add some spice to the occasion. Eventually, there was bound to be the ever-popular Pokemon added to the mix.

Credit – ESCRIT

Pokemon-themed weddings are now a reality in Japan. ESCRIT, a Japanese company specialising in planning weddings, has collaborated with The Pokemon Company to issue licenses for Pokemon-themed weddings.

Credit – ESCRIT

Check out the bride and groom holding their wedding certificate, alongside a Pikachu groomsman and bridesmaid. What more can a Pokemon fan ask for?

Credit – ESCRIT

The venue decor is an absolute winner with traces of adorable Pikachu couples at every nook and corner of the room instead of lovebirds.

Credit – ESCRIT

Every detail down to the food pays homage to the classic Pokemon series.

Credit – ESCRITThe insta-worthy food at the wedding will definitely make one whip out their cameras. For once, you can have Pikachu’s bum as a dessert. Yum?

Credit – ESCRIT

Pokeballs for dessert, anyone? Guests not invited to these weddings are going to have a serious case of fomo.

Credit – ESCRIT

Guests can take home memorable Pokemon wedding favours too.

Credit – ESCRIT

How does a Pikachu cake sound? This is a wedding favour they will remember for a long long time.

Credit -ESCRIT

The pièce de résistance of having a Pokemon Wedding: the couple receives an actual Pokemon Wedding Certificate.

It seems like the main character of this Pokemon themed-wedding is just Pikachu and it’s unclear whether other Pokemon can be requested.

If this wedding service does reach Singapore, I’m sure whoever throws it will be remembered through generations. Or you could just fly over to Japan and have your wedding there.

 For more information on packages, do check out ESCRIT’s website

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